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Financial advice

I am self employed. When I became ill in August 2014. I asked if it was possible earn a living whilst at home. Advice came back answer questionaires and get paid for it. Load of rubbish. I have been charged left, right and centre for answering. Creating more debt.

Only thing you can do is ask for income support. If your entitled to it.

My pension has now kicked in so I have paid my debts. I do not want this to happen to any of you.

Happy New Year



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Hi Steadyteddy

It was really thoughtful of you to share this. I think many of us have to give up work to some extent after a diagnosis of ovarian cancer and that puts a strain on finances. It must be awful to find yourself paying out even more money by answering questionnaires. I think there are a lot of scams out there. I'm glad to hear you've sorted it out now.

I retired early due to ill health in January 2012 but my state pension doesn't cut in till September 2015. I didn't seek help with benefits until quite recently until a few very good friends suggested I look into it. Again I delayed, then by chance someone came round the waiting room at my hospital telling us about the Welfare Office. I'd done a search on the Macmillan website but my hospital didn't show up as it runs its own office so I gave up again.

A lady came round the waiting room handing out leaflets from the hospital giving a number to call. I rang hoping to make an appointment and was told there would be no problem at all in getting a benefit and it could all be arranged over the phone. Moreover it is tax-free and mine is worth just over £7k per annum which is not to be sniffed at. That qualified me automatically for a blue badge which is going to be really helpful.

I'd recommend contacting a Macmillan Welfare Office, or asking at your hospital who can help. I think it's probably best to go via your local hospital because they have access to staff who endorse the application. Mine took about 10 days from the phone call to receiving my first benefit payment.

Hope this is helpful to anyone in similar circumstances. xxxx Annie


I claimed ESA and you can also claim PIP which isn't means tested.



What is ESA and PIP?



See the McMillan welfare nurse u are entitled to pip which is fiffty pound or up too 130 per week , this is not means tested get the nurse or maggies to do your form good luck


I have been getting PIP (personal independence payment) since February. I was already receiving my state pension when I stopped work, & didn't know I was entitled to any benefits as well till I had a visit from a community nurse from our local hospice. She arranged it for me, & it's tax free & not means tested.


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In Ireland,you can apply for disability benefit as long as you have contributions, I understand that there is another supplementary allowance which you can apply for if you do not have enough contributions for disability. The second one is means tested and difficult to get. You can apply for a medical card for hospital visits and gp visits and medications but this is also means tested. But if you are dealing with a recurrence you can apply on medical grounds with a letter from your gp and or consultant. Sometimes it just depends on who receives your completed form. Hope that helps anyone over here


Apply for Attendance Allowance, not means tested, I get it and you do not have to use it for "personal care"! My MacMillan Nurse got mine with the blue badge as well. If you have office and computer skills and a computer how about bookkeeping for sole traders like plumbers and electricians. I was administrator for the Yorks Law Soc for a year preparing agendas taking minutes and building their data base and I got that from the local paper! Try putting an ad in yourself.



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