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Early stage OC

Hi everyone, I am a newbie here, let me give you a brief background. My name is Emma, I am married with 2 children, living in North Yorkshire, husband is in the Army so we move every 2-3 years.

I was recently (04/11/2014) diagnosed with OC, 7.5cm mass on my right ovary. Saw Onc for first time (07/11/2014) to discuss my options, I had surgery on 01/12/2014 to remove both ovaries, tubes, pelvic lymph nodes (right side) & aortic lymph nodes & removal of omen gum.

I am currently waiting for the pathology results from my surgery & I have to say I am terrified of getting the results. I have my next appt with Onc on 19/12/2014 to discuss the next steps treatment wise.

Looking forward to chatting with some of you in the same boat

Emma x

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Dear Emma,so sorry to hear your news! However you are now in the right place where you will be able to compare notes with all of us who have this dreaded disease, and receive support and understanding and much positivity.

You have already undergone what we call debulking surgery during which time all visible signs of the disease are removed. If you are lucky and there is no further spread, then your oncologist may place you on 'watch and wait', but if not, then a course of chemo may be ahead for you.

It is good that you have already had the surgery, Now you have the anxious wait until the 19th, when I hope your news will be good. In the meantime I am sure you will be busy with your children in preparation for Xmas. You didn't say if your husband was home?

Do let us know how you get on.

Lots of love xxxxxxxx J.O


Hi Jackie thank your for your kind & helpful words, it has lifted my spirits a little knowing I have others that have been/are going through the same as me.

It's certainly not the best situation being just before Christmas, but my kids, husband, family and friends have been very good with trying to take my mind off things, although I do have the odd times when I just want to shut myself away from the world and have a complete meltdown, but I'm trying not to.

Luckily my husband's Squadron has been brilliant and have let him have time off for my surgery and let him come to all my appointments which is good, the only bad part at the moment is that they are off to Kenya after Christmas, but hey, playing it all by ear at the moment.

I'll definately give regular updates to let everyone know how I get on, on the 19th, it's nice to know I have a new "OC" family to share my journey with.

Much love

Emma xx


Hi Emma, Welcome to the group! I am new to this as well. The account of your experiences are very close to home, as my wife went through practically the same thing 5 1/2 years ago. Sadly, results did not come back as we hoped (and prayed). I sincerely hope that your pathology results come back OK. Such an anxious time, and so close to Christmas. I do feel for you and your family. Sending you much positivity.


Hello Emma. I am in the same place as you are, my op was on 22nd November ,still awaiting results :-( (Should hear next week). I was very anxious when I first heard the 'c' word but have listened to the lovely ladies on this site and every time I feel the fear creeping up I take some deep breaths and either get up and do something to make me think of something else, with 2 children you have probably got plenty of distractions!

Allow yourself those 'meltdown' moments rather than bottling it all up, I've had a few and felt better for letting it out! Hope your news will be good.. Virtual hugsxx Jenny.


what a horrible Christmas present to get - and I know it is easy of us "oldies" to say - 'don't worry', but I know that waiting for pathology results, and scan results etc, is stressful.

so rest after your surgery and take it easy in your recovery and hopefully your next appointment will ease your mind before Christmas.

Hugs and best wishes to you and family.

Daisies xx


My mum is almost 12 months on from diagnosis. She had to have chemo to shrink the tumour before they could operate so it seems you are in a better starting position ( yes, I know, all things are relative


Oops - only half my message got posted - really trying to say we worried soooo much but her treatment has, so far, been hugely successful despite an initial poor prognosis and a high grade tumour. Take each day at a time & allow yourself time to digest information you get from your medical team. Ask lots of questions &, I wrote things down because we'd always forget due to the stress of the appointment.


Hi, I too lived in North Yorkshire, Catterick, an Army wife, diagnosed with OC stage 1C. It is now five years and I am still cancer free. I received fantastic treatment from the NHS and the Army fully supported us. Good luck xxx


Hi Emma, sorry to hear about your diagnosis but try not to worry too much, I know it,s easier said than done. I was diagnosed over 2 years ago & had surgery, I had a tumour that weighed 2 1/2 stone removed plus all the rest like you & my appendix, my tumour had burst & I also had a chemo wash. Like you I was a wreck before I went for follow up. I was told before surgery it didn, t look good but I ended up not having chemo & have been fine at all my follow up appointments since. I know every case is different & I feel extremely lucky when I read about other ladies on here. I just hope you have a good result & just wanted to share with you to let you know it can happen. Love Sue xxx.


Hi Emma

What bad luck that this has happened to you.

I also had early disease ...tumour was removed in January 2010 and I am still recurrences and back doing all I did beforehand and more. Fingers crossed this will be you too...really hope your appointment goes well and that you will be on the road to recovery soon. This is a huge operation and a massive shock to the system physically and try get as much rest as I possible.

Take care and let us know how it goes.

Love and hugs to you xxx


I had the debulking op in July 2012. I refused chemo because it was a low grade OC (although it was 3C) and chemo is not particularly effective for low grade cancers as it attacks fast growing cells. I have been OK since, just on watch and wait and occasional CT scans. Do some research when you have your results so that you understand what they are offering you. Good luck!


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