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If you have a Nutribullit you might be interested In the juice website which has a health section giving information about the benefits of the fruit and veg you might use. I don't like Kale myself and struggle to get that down but spinach which you can buy in small bags at marks and spencer it ok. Not as good as looking at Per Una clothing!!!

Anyone with any recommendations re juice?


Mopsie xx

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Hi Mopsie

Thanks for mentioning this. I'd never heard of a Nutribullet but have had a look and I'm impressed. Does it really break down all the seeds and orange skin so you can drink the lot?

I have a Magimix juicer. It leaves a lot of pulp after juicing which I've often thought must contain goodness. I have been told the pulp can be spread on a tin and baked in the oven to make a wholesome flatbread but I've never tried it. Just seems like a lot of flatbread to eat.

I order my fruit and veggies from an online organic food company and I'm really pleased with the quality and freshness of the produce. I juice kale which makes a beautiful green breakfast drink though I can't stand the stuff in any other form. It takes 2 apples per glass along with the kale to sweeten it and give it a nice taste. I also add celery and cucumber which are good anti-inflammatories.

That's a good hint at where to buy small bags of spinach. I only ever seem to find huge bags in supermarkets and it's so wasteful to see it go off. I'll take a look in M&S for that.

You've inspired me to look through the Nutribullet juice book and have a go at some more unusual flavours.

very best wishes. Annie xxx


Nutribullit recommend peeling oranges, lemons and lime. There is a Nutribullit blog and on there a list of preparation of food before you put it in the Nutribullit.

Just bought some spinach at Marks and although it says large bag it's no where near as big as the bags of kale in sainsbury so hopefully no waste as you are supposed to use half greens and half fruit.

Good luck

Mopsie x x


Hi, I bought a Nutribullet a week ago and am juicing every morning, I don't like kale either, but my drink this morning is kale, banana, pineapple, pear, blueberries and goji berries, can't even taste the kale and although the drink looks pretty horrible, tastes really good. Still experimenting but increased my intake of fruit and veg a lot already, and it's quick and easy to use and very easy to clean.

Love Kaz xx


That sound good not tasting the kale can on,y be a bonus!

Mopsie xx


I have a Nutri bullet and it breaks down pretty much everything!

I do a cucumber celery apple and watercress smoothie which is delicious but I will look on that website for more ideas.

When I was in Tesco the other day they were selling small bags of baby kale which is more palatable than the coarse curly kale normally sold.

Maybe worth a try!


L will look out for that next time in Tesco I am a bit of a beginner with this. My daughter who came over from Australia made a lovely smoothie with frozen rasps, natural yoghurt, skimmed milk and a spoonful of Linwoods flaxseed, almonds walnut and q10 mix. I don't know how healthy that was but tasted delicious!

Mopsie xx


Sounds delicious!! Will try that one too!


Hi all.

Gonna stand up for the much maligned kale here, so easy to grow and in Hugh fw veg every day book there's an AMAZING recipie for mushroom and kale lasagne. Yum!



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