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A little Bonus from Volunteering

A little Bonus from Volunteering

I never thought I'd be paid for having ovarian cancer and doing a bit of volunteering but as a thank you a research company gave me £170 to spend an hour answering questions about how I feel about ovarian cancer. It was really interesting and all done in the comfort of my own home! They say they have another research project in September for women who are on Avastin or have completed a course of the drug in the last 3 months.

It was actually great fun and I'm definitely hoping to take part again.

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Hi just read your post, it made me smile, actually getting paid for having cancer! Love it!

Do they need any more ladies as I am having my 21st Avastin treatment on Friday? and I'm finishing treatments on the 5th September. Always a pleasure to sit and chat, but to get paid as well, what a little bonus that must be, smiles! Bx


Hi Barbara

It does put a smile on your face, getting paid for having a chat and a get-together. I'll send you the details because it's worth getting in touch even if just to put your name on their books. Their next project is in London.

How are you getting on with Avastin. That's amazing you've had 21 treatments. Did I read it correctly thinking this is your last treatment of Avastin? I was told I would continue to have it so long as I didn't have a bad reaction. I hadn't even dared hope for 21 x 3 weeks. It would be so interesting to compare notes. Did yo have many side-effects?

Oh dear, so many questions, I think we'd better meet up! !! xxx Annie


Congratulations Annie,

A great way for woman to learn and hear about OC from those who have had it.


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