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Sharing on Twitter and Facebook

Sharing on Twitter and Facebook

Thanks for drawing security to our attention Wendy. I'm exploring what happens if posts are shared on Facebook and Twitter, and particularly where it will be shared on Facebook.

Of course anyone who posts medical and personal details here is sharing them on the internet and you have absolutely no knowledge at all as to who has joined the forum and therefore who is reading your personal stuff. I used to think rather innocently that it was just us, and our supporters but then went to business meetings where posts were discussed by employees in the charitable sector, health sector, etc. and I was rather relieved I hadn't put up anything I'd have preferred to keep to myself and my close acquaintenances.

Here goes. Posting, and will share with Twitter and Facebook and view the consequences.

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YIKES! I posted this blog with permission for it to be 'Visible to 'Everybody', I then clicked on the Twitter icon and it added the URL to this very post on my Twitter account so anyone following me on Twitter can read it. I clicked on the Facebook icon and it added the URL to this very post on my Facebook Timeline. You do have the option of choosing who will see the post on Facebook using the drop-down box, 'All', 'Close Friends', 'Family', etc but who actually sees it depends on how you have set up your Facebook account and whether in fact you have categorised people who have access to it.

I wonder what happens if you post the blog to 'this community only' and then share with Twitter or Facebook.

It's a timely reminder really that anything posted on the internet is visible and accessible and also that it remains traceable forever. As I understand it the Private Messages can't be read by the public but they are accessible to the moderators and to staff at Health Unlocked.

I hope this new development doesn't detract from what Health Unlocked had given us to date. At least you know the Twitter and Facebook facilities are optional and you'd have to actively click on them to activate them - so perhaps on balance nothing much has changed.



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