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Cancer Support Group

I am so glad to have found this forum. There is a great community here and so much support.

I just wanted to share with you another great source for support. I am sharing a link to a Facebook support group. I've also shared a link to this forum in the group. My goal is to put as many people in touch as I can so that we can support each other.

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Thank you for that.

There is also on FB an Ovarian Cancer support page, and Ovacome, Target Ovarian Cancer and a developing group called GO, for women ( and their supprters) of Ovarian Cancer.

I'm not techie enough to put up the links though!

Dawn x


Thank you Dawn! I appreciate it. I struggle with technology a bit some times too. ;) It can make life easier and harder. Are all the groups you mentioned on facebook or in this website?


they are on Facebook

I would add though that if you follow all the groups all the time, that you can get a bit of an overload of cancer related stories (obviously) and some might find it all a bit overwhelming

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That's true. Good piece of advice. I follow ten or more pages, though and as infrequently as they post, I haven't been overwhelmed. I feel the forums and groups can bring a better experience since they are interactive.


Hi Nicole - just wanted to echo your thoughts on this! I've had some pretty dark times like we all have and it's incredible how some virtual chatting can raise the positivity! ! I think this forum is amazing and will certainly look on FB for the others. I've had some dealings with Target Ovarian Cancer and they're also very good!


Yes! It is wonderful to build support! Great to know Target Ovarian Cancer is a good page. Definitely check out the Cancer support group on facebook if you have a chance! :) Sending you my best wishes.


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