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Open wound after surgery

Still very worried about a small wound which is still open and leaking fluid eight weeks after surgery. also there appears to be tissue protruding.Saw my consultant recently who said there was ni thing to worry about it was a normal reaction after surgery?

What worries me is that I am due to start chemo soon,and wonder whether the wound may become infected as my resistance lowers?any advice would be appreciated

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Hi Jackie

Don't worry! I had the same problem and was very concerned about it but it did stop eventually. One day soon you will look at it and it will be dry but worrying will not make that happen any quicker.

Best wishes, Millie xx


Thanks for that very reassuring advice xxxxx


Hi, I have had several abdominal operations. Each time, there was a small area near the bottom of the wound which leaked & took several weeks to heal. The need for dressings seemed to be never-ending, but eventually they seemed to suddenly dry up & heal.



Same here, i was healing for long time


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