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Is anyone on Avastin with high blood pressure - does the bp eventually level out or keep going up and if so how quickly?

My mum has been put on Avastin after 6 months of chemo - her bp seems sto be rising very quickly and just wondered if this has happened to anyone else? I rather hoped she would be on Avastin for quite some time yet. She was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in 2010 and has just completed her second course of chemo - her cancer has spread to her bowel and she had a blockaged before starting chemo in Jan - the tumours have shrunk but not sure how much just yet.

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Hello Babyoleg

I'm at about the same stage as your Mum on Avastin. My blood pressure went sky-high from quite a low base. I was given very mild tablets from my GP which worked within 24 hours and are keeping it at a level when I can continue to have Avastin. I'm just about to go back to my GP for a 2 week check up since the prescription for her to see whether we should continue or change the prescription.

I've been told I will be on BP tablets until I complete the course of Avastin. The GP, meanwhile, is measuring protein in urine and I've had an ECG to ensure the raised blood pressure isn't the result of anything unconnected with Avastin.

I hope your mum can remain on Avastin a long time. xxx Annie



I have been on Avastin and cyclophosphamide since October 2012 and although my BP increased initially my GP put me on Amlodipine and then tweaked it with Perindopril and I have been fine since. As Annie mentioned they also keep a close eye on my urine protein levels.

Really hope Avastin works for your mum. Good luck.



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Hello. Sorry to hear about your mums BP. Yes Avastin does make the BP go up but it can be easily treated with BP tablets. Her GP will be able to advise or her oncologist. I had high BP before starting Avastin and am taking 5mg ramipril for my BP. I monitor it every day as I get "white coat syndrome" and it goes sky high when the doctor takes it. Good luck to mum on the Avastin - no real major side effects to report. Irene xx


I was on Avastin for eighteen months. My BP went up after about three to four months and my GP initially put me on 5mg of amolpidine and 5mg of Ramipril. It then went up again after twelve months and the ramipril raised to 10mg. I have been left with an elevated BP so remain on blood pressure tablets. I have protein and white cells in my urine but overall my kidney function has remained the same, steady and level. I had to come of Avastin after eighteen months as the cancer had started to give me symptoms and was seen to be radiologically active so I am on third line chemotherapy of Carboplatin.

I suggest that it would be worth talking to your GP as they deal with raised BP and are the experts in diagnosis and treatment. My oncology team refered me back to my GP for the raised BP. Wendy xx


Hello. I see that Whippet has given you some of the answers - just wanted to tell you that I am on Avastin for 19 months now, including 4 months with Chemo and my BP did rise dramatically since on Avastin. But I was prescribed BP tablets and more recently beta-blockers to help, but the more important news is that the tumours are being held 'at bay' now and I have a good quality of life. As there is no sign of an increase in protein in urine - it would seem there is no damage to kidneys or liver, so my Oncologist is going to keep me on Avastin, with BP, urine etc being checked every 3 weeks. Hopefully this will be of some assurance to your Mum and to whom I send my best wishes. Daisies


Thank you for your advise - will pass this reassurance on to my mum - hope you're tumours stay in remissions for a long time - thanks Karen x


I developed high blood pressure just after my debulking surgery and was put on ramipril 5 mg. I started Avastin with the 6th cycle of first line chemo in October 2012 and my blood pressure was not very well controlled. I was then advised that perindopril is a better antihypertensive to take when having Avastin. My GP put me on perindopril 4 mg instead of ramipril 5mg and the pressure was still not very well controlled so she added amlodipine 5mg. I have now been on these two drugs since November 2012 and my blood pressure has been well controlled and within the limits needed to have Avastin. I had my kidney function, protein in urine and blood pressure monitored before each dose of Avastin.

I have been in remission since October 2012 and tolerated the Avastin quite well.

I had 18 doses of Avastin and finished treatment in October 2013. My blood pressure is very well controlled now and I will ask my GP whether I can take only one of the drugs and then stop when I see her next week. So far, she has been reluctant to change my blood pressure medication since I have been keeping very well and she feels it is better for my blood pressure to be well controlled rather then have any other risks.


Hi, sorry pressed submit too quickly.

I wish your mum all the best and hope her blood pressure gets controlled so that she can be on Avastin for as long as possible.


Samixa XX


Thank you so much for the reply and hope you stay in remission for a long time - glad to give my mum some support from all the replies I have had - I think this is a great way to receive support from others who are in the same situation - thanks Karen x


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