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can i go swimming

hi everyone,had post op check up yesterday all went well but the doctor is going to give me 18 lots of avastin every 3 weeks starting the 5th of june reasoning there is tiny bits of the cancer on my bowel that surgeons couldnt to,firstly is that about right or are they fobbing me off,and secondly are you able to go swimming because i would love to take the grandchildren in the summer holidays

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I think the best people to ask about this is your medical team..if you'd rather not do this then you could give the ovacome helpline a ring tel 0845 371 0554 or 0207 299 6650

Best wishes love x G x


I did go swimming whist on maintanece Avastin and it helped enormously with the joint pain I had. I did mobility swimming every week and this was pivotal in helping keep me mobile. I went swimming on holidays as well. My consultant thought it was a brilliant thing to be doing and it made me feel so much better. I had to stop when I came out of remission. My swimming sessions were part of an activate scheme supported by the GPs and local council.

Best Wishes Wendy x


I'm on Avastin after all the other stuff and had my first swim yesterday! Wonderful. I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn't go swimming. If any any doubt, suggest you check with your doctor but really anything that makes you happy - go for it! Good luck, Liz


Hi, i done swimming just a month after last chemo and while on avastin. It helped me with muscles and joints ache. It was supported by my gp and got exceptional card so swimming lessons, gym or aerobic were cheaper. I had to stop activities when i started chemo again. Go for it, feel as normal as possible

Love zuzi


Glad that all went well at the check up.

Re swimming - do make sure you check with your CNS or consultant especially about swimming in public pools. Some treatments can make you especially sensitive to chemicals and sunlight and it is important that you don't go when your white blood cells are low and you are more vulnerable to infection.

If we can be of any further help do feel free to give Ovacome a ring on 020 7299 6650 Mon - Fri 10-5

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Hi, I really enjoyed swimming last year while I was on avastin, it helped ease my stiff joints and I found it really relaxing, hope you have lots of fun with your grandchildren!

Love Brenda x


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