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Previous scans

Hi I'm wondering if I have some trans vaginal scans in November last year would this have shown up ovarian cancer? I had five to monitor a pregnancy that unfortunately I miscarried so they were not looking for tumours.

I am ver scared as my ibs is worsening and I'm full of wind - I've been sent for blood tests today an FBC and CRP and ESR. I'm sorry for posting again im just very stressed and not enjoying life - my doctors just put this all down to anxiety :(

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Hi! Did you look at the BEAT online symptom tracker on It may give you some guidance and let you save a record of symptoms to print out and take to your next GP appointment

All the best

Love Wendy xx


I did and it said I had some

Of them but these can be caused

By other things too. I

Keep getting told it's IBS and I'm

Just trying to rationalise that of

I has a gyni issue it would have shown up on those scans x


Hi there

So sorry that you are feeling like this.....your past ordeal , probably hormonal turmoil and the resulting entirely normal feelings are probably making your IBS worse which is causing you further anxiety . We are obviously not doctors but I have been on these boards for a while now. Personally I have never read of a patient where cancer was missed by as many as five scans. Most people are diagnosed correctly on the first . Your blood test results should be reassuring I really hope that you get them very soon . Ovarian cancer is very rare , particularly if you are of childbearing age , but there symptoms as really common.

Have you considered speaking to anybody about how you are feeling...many people find a few of counselling fantastic.

Take care of yourself

Sending you comforting hugs xxxx

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Thank you Charlie - I am very anxious and waiting for some counselling . The scans were for the baby but they did look at my ovaries thank you for replying and being kind x


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