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My lower abdomen feels all hard in the middle

I had the last of two operations in January 2013. My lower tummy was quite soft and floppy until after Christmas this year and now it's feels hard. It also feels like their is pressure underneath. Also feels like my hips have grown. I know this all sounds weird but I'm really worried. I am a very active person, cycling, swimming and long walks nearly every day so will this have made more scar tissue. My next CA125 is Thursday and I'm so scared. CT scan clear early Jan so can it grow that quickly?

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When I had symptoms like this it was an incisional hernia, (caused through the operation wound opening inside) so it might not be a recurrence.

Best wishes love x G x


Hi there .. I just wondered if you've been to see your doctor? X x


I'm seeing my gynaecologist next Tuesday after I get results from the blood tests which are being taken tomorrow. xx


Best wishes for your blood test results and your appointment on Tuesday xx


Look up ascites

Frozen pelvis

Primary Peritoneal cancer it turned out to be

My mom had both those

Your symptoms are similar

Go to your dr.


Get answers quickly

Wether nothing or something


Dear Jessica,

Lovis has already been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she is wondering whether she has a recurrence, there are often other reasons why she has these symptoms though, but as you can see she is being monitored which is good ... xx


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