Dr David Agus 'A Short Guide to live a Long Life'

Dr David Agus 'A Short Guide to live a Long Life'

Some of you may be interested and/or amused by an article that appeared in Yesterday's (Saturday 1 March) The Times Magazine. It's about Dr David Agus's book 'A Short Guide to live a Long Life'.

David Agus lists 65 rules to live a longer life. I thought the article was fun. The rules listed in the article are surprising:

1. Caffeine - especially from traditional souces may have protective anti-cancer properties. Moderation is key.

2. Smiling - triggers the release of pain-killing, brain-happy endorphins and serotonin.

3. Uncomfortable shoes - cause unnecessary inflammation that can have an impact on your entire system. Inflammation has been linked to some of our most troubling degenerative diseases today. Alzheimer's, cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and accelerated ageing.

4. Agus advises his readers to 'track your movements during the day with an accelerometer, and develop a daly personal activity target. 'Being sedentary is about as bad for you as smoking', he says.

5. Cleanliness counts - 'Wash your hands regularly, especially after exposure to germy things such as bathrooms and raw chicken'

David's other ideas are: 'We should all be taking statins', 'Get a flu jab', and 'Take an aspirin before bed'.

Reading the book might come as near as any of us might get to a private consultation with a Beverly Hills consultant!

You can access the article at: thetimes.co.uk/tto/magazine... but need to subscribe to read the whole thing.

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  • And I thought statins were no good for you any more! However, smiling over a cup of fresh ground coffee sounds good to me :)

  • I think I just liked the list as for me it was such an easy one to follow. Especially liked the advice on comfortable shoes - and I agree a nice cup of coffee is great. My favourite way to start the day. Not sure if I'll get the book unless I can download it from Amazon.

  • My husband was given statins and only a few days later he woke screaming in pain with pain in his muscles. Remember the heart is a muscle. He cannot take them but doctor has stabilised his cholesterol by using omega tablets. Statins should come with a warning as they are not always good for you.

  • I've just had to visit NHS Choices to find out what statins are. Have never thought of taking any medication as a prevention to disease. As you say, any drugs should be taken with caution and only when recommended by a physician. xxx

  • My husband had to keep going for tests to see what damage they had done thankfully he is ok now. I had noticed he was slow and not himself when he was taking them. He is normally a bright intelligent person but statins had changed him but now as I said he is back to normal. Take statins if you want but beware of some of the side effects.

  • ah, I don't think I would take any radical steps from any book. I was just tickled to think that wearing comfortable shoes and drinking a little coffee could lead to a longer life. If that is the case I should live to 100. I'm glad your husband is better. The NHS site said side-effects are uncommon so it seems he was unlucky. I hope his heart is OK now. xxx love Annie

  • I'm with you regarding the shoes. What we do for fashion. Haha xx

  • Comfy shoes, coffee and a smile? All boxes ticked - I wonder how it is that I ever had any health problems at at all! Maybe it was that extra Hobnob.....?

  • hahahaha ! Love it ! I was thinking along the same lines.

  • I'm more inclined to believe no 3 - i always knew i NEEDED a pair of Jimmy Choo's. Dale get your wallet out!!! lol xx

  • I hadn't thought of comfortable 'heeled' shoes! What a great idea! xx

  • I'm young to out this on my blog Annie. I came off statins at diagnosis .. . I thought it was a trivial thing compared ... X x x

  • Just listening to your amazing Radio Interview - on catch up BBC Radio Merseyside!!!!!!! Brilliant.

  • Thanks Annie x x

  • Sorry I got sidetracked from this discussion. It's amazing so many women are giving interviews already. I loved yours!!!

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