E Petition re Ovarian Cancer to be debated in Parliment

A young lady (Samantha Farrell) in Derby has submitted an epetiton to HM Government requesting more awareness and funds be channelled into Ovarian cancer. It needs 100,000 signatures by December to be heard in Parliment. Please take 2 minutes of your time to click on the link below and sign up. many Thanks Janette xx


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  • Have done it , thanks for posting , dyx

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  • Have signed it Janette, marg xxx

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  • Well done for posting this. Signed and forwarded to to more people who will sign it

    Izzystep xxxxx

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  • Hi there...

    I think the Department of Health would say that the process is on its way. There has been a local Be Clear on Cancer Ovarian which went well as a pilot. The regional pilots will start shortly in the North West and the Borders, and if doctors aren't deluged with people complaining they may have the disease over a long period, then the campaign will probably go nationwide. I do think though that Ovarian is one of the Cinderella diseases and the same drugs are basically being used which have been available for at least 30 years. Love T xx

  • I will sign the petition though... thanks for the link.. Love Tina xx

  • Oh Tina, where's the rest? i read it all really quickly earlier but have got my 1 yr old grandson tonight and he's proper 'wick' (as we say up here! lol) was a really interesting post and didn't wanna reply and put a short reply as you put a really good piece, and loved reading what you write- as i do all posts. I have written to Jeremy Hunt asking why it's only a regional TV campaign (Annie told me after i wrote it's because the target ovarian cancer campaign was in full swing before the 'be clear on cancer' campaign got going (she really needs to stand for prime minister - she is a mine of information that lady) what worries me is that yes, alot of ladies will go their GP worrying - 49 won't have it - but will the 1 who does, get referred to an oncologist? and if they do get a huge influx will they knock the national campaign on the head? I spoke to a GP at my practice yesterday and showed her my poster and letter to Mr Hunt MP and to say she looked a bit alarmed was an understatement - (I only went in for a review of my HRT patches!! don't think she expected 'Ovarian Barbarian' to enter the room! lol. and said she would have to speak to the 'board' (whoever they are) about putting up my poster. Think you mentioned in your post that O/C was likely to be discussed in the near future anyway, well i really hope so, because honestly Tina, Iv looked back at previous campaign's and see so little has changed- my only motivation now is that for every poster i think up and share on facebook, every petition i sign and encourage others to do, will give EVERY woman in the future the knowledge to go their doctor's and say 'I'm sure i have Ovarian cancer because i know the sign's and I know it's not IBS/menopause,stress etc etc instead of being one of the 97% who does not currently know the signs:and therefore never goes to the doctor til it's too late :-) if they have an influx - then so be it! Because to me it seems like the 'Silent' part of Ovarian cancer seems to be what information is being publicly withheld xxxxxxx- sorry to rant xx

  • You're not ranting Janette.. you're venting.. which isn't the same thing at all, is it? I can't really remember the exact words. I deleted the bottom bit by editing the post because my hubbie said people would think I've lost the plot, but anyway, due to customer demand, I'll try to replicate it and maybe expand! :) There's nothing like a compliment to boost out the chest. ;)

    EudraCT Number: 2014-0055561-2936

    Phase IV Study

    Full Title: Daily Carboplatin and Paclitaxel for Patients with Platinum-Resistant or Partially Platinum-Sensitive Relapse of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer with Negative or Unknown BRCA Status

    Start: 1/12/13

    End: 1/12/17

    Agent(s): Carboplatin and Paclitaxel (Taxol®) v Physician's own choice of agent (Liposomal Doxorubicin; Gemcitibine; Topetecan (Hycamtin®) Cocopops)

    Population Age: Adults, Elderly

    Medical condition: Relapsed epithelial, platinum resistant ovarian cancer with negative or unknown BRCA status

    Treatment note: Treatment should begin 21 days prior to a Full Moon

    Days 1,,3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 21 Carboplatin (Infusion administered with patient standing on their head)

    Days 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 Paclitaxel (infusion to be administered with patient playing 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing' by The New Seekers using a comb and some hard toilet tissue. Alternative song 'You Fill Up My Senses' (the John Denver version)

    Days 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20. Single measure the agent gin (Optional) to be added to Paxlitaxel to prevent memory lapses and to render a sense of well being. WARNING: patient will need to be escorted home post infusion

    Day 21 Patients should bay to the Full Moon (Depending on performance status. 50-100 Karnofsky performance status advised.)

    Country: UK

    Janette, you can see I've warmed to the theme!

    Love to you xxx

  • I might put this up as another post.... it's tongue in cheek though.. xxx

  • You started my day off on a chuckle thanks!xx

  • That made me laugh so much, thank you - my hubby said i'd lost plot when i replied last night- and for the first time in my life -i think i agree on something with him!! lol :-) xxx

  • Happy to sign- thanks Janette x

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  • I have signed. X

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  • I did sign it, I can't remember when Doh! (see Tina's joke)

    But like Tina has said it is already being addressed ....starting off regionally (because it has got to start somewhere) then nationally thank you for posting the link xx

  • Thanks Gwyn, am so glad it is starting off - just worried (was talking to Tina about this) that it looks as tho- as long as there is not a mass influx of women rushing to the doctor with the sign's they will roll it out Nationwide- but surely there will be a huge rise in numbers a) because they are targetting an area with a specific need, &b) surely if you suddenly announce to 97% of the female population in any area a whole new set of facts they were previously unaware of there will be some 'panic'. Wonder if they have made provision ie) specialist nurses and doctors in a publicised location that could cover this, or are they leaving it to general practitioners to cope alone, make a diagnosis and refer on where they deem necessary? Maybe il look into this :-) xxx

  • Hi Jannette,

    Not all GP's are ignorant of the facts though, my GP practise was very switched on (and this was over five years ago when I was diagnosed) and they had Ovacome posters on their waiting room wall then and still have but I hardly ever visited the doctor so wouldn't have known ...also the charity T.O.C sends out information to GP's for free training.... I live in the North West (Chester) where the

    pilot is starting and the North West is a very broad area not as small as you imagine, also all the Ovarian Cancer charities are doing things to raise awareness...and have been for years it just might be that there is not much awareness where you live... another thing is that most people however hard you try just don't want to know... (No reason to stop) but when people have had OC for a while.. they get very weary...when I was first diagnosed I wanted (and needed) to warn the world...now I still try and raise awareness...(but not so much like a bull at a gate like I used to) so I do understand where you are coming from.

    like you say it needs to be in everyones face and it's got to start somewhere ...love x G x

  • Thanks for posting have signed


  • Thank you Ally xx

  • Thank you all - yesterday 14 people had signed, today it's at 99 - only 99901 to go :-) lol. As rightly has been said by by great friends - this debate is likely to be in the pipeline anyway, I'm not doing this to cause ructions with those in power or undermine in any way what great work is being done, I'm doing it because social media networking is the fastest way to get the information about Ovarian Cancer out there to all women and get them talking, knowing the facts & making an informed decision when THEY know the facts and not when it been chosen to be disclosed to them :-) xxxxx

  • Well done Samantha - have signed

  • Done. Great idea. Do you have any more info what the petition will be saying? Sue xx

  • Ooh, I missed this. Now done, thanks -- will bung out on my Facebook and twitter feeds also, well done Janette

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