I know most of you lovely ladies have and are battling every day with our illness but a couple of my friends with O/C were unaware you can get free prescriptions for 5 yr's following diagnosis, and as we have some much appreciated new friends I thought i'd just put this on in case anyone is unaware- all yo need to do is ask your doctor to help complete a FP92A form (or download it and hand it in to your surgery). You may also be able to receive a one off grant from McMillan: You can apply for a Macmillan grant if you have cancer or are still affected by your illness or treatment and:

your savings amount to no more than £6,000 if you are single, or £8,000 as a couple or family

your household disposable income (this means the total amount left once you have paid your mortgage, rent or council tax) is under:

- £170 a week for a single person

- £289 per couple

- £85 for each child

- £119 for each additional adult (only when their income is relevant to

the request)

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  • My consultant told me about the free prescriptions in the same appointment as when I got my diagnosis; they (consultant and nurses) were all very good and I got the impression they had a mental checklist to go through - not just the diagnosis, treatment plan etc, but the "perks" if you can call them that!

    There's no criteria other than the diagnosis for getting the free prescriptions - it's not mean tested.

  • ah that's great opalclouds, i only found out well after op from lady on ward probably 'preaching to converted' here as so many women on this site are so up on everything - i'v found out loads on here - just thought maybe odd person wouldn't know xx

  • Hi Janette we are so lucky in Scotland that we get FREE prescriptions for everything do not know why the rest of the UK do not get it as well. With cancer treatments I think everyone should get them free regardless of their income. Xxx

  • I didn't know that Jackdaw90- that's amazing, can't believe how much difference there is in the UK countries. xx

  • I totally agree Janette - people have enough to worry about let alone wondering if they will have to pay for prescriptions. Well worth you pointing out the fact about free prescriptions for people living in other parts of UK as probably not everyone would be aware of this.


  • Thanks for this Janette really useful xx

  • very kind to point this out...im sure this info will benefit many people x

  • Dear Janette,

    This is a good idea to point this out, I am sure a lot of people wouldn't know these details. Wales as well as Scotland ( I don't know about Ireland ) get free prescriptions and other things like free parking at the hospitals and free television.... when I was in hospital recently it cost my husband six pounds a day to stay two hours and the television was four pounds a day,needless to say I didn't bother to use the television, (but if I did ten pounds a day is a lot of money).

    I am sure many patients in England will be glad to know this information thank you for posting this up.

    Love x G x

  • The parking charges in Leeds weren't too bad Gwyn, but the tele charge was astronomical! i didn't have it either- mind you i was busy counting the seconds to when i could next press the morphine button :-) lol. Hope your ok Gwyn xxx

  • Hi Janette. good idea to point this out. In Northern Ireland we get free prescriptions too. we also get free parking at the hospital for appointments and treatment, have to show your appointment letter. in the chemo treatment wards the TV is free but not on the gynae wards, there it is astronomical. my husband bought me a card for 10 hours of TV thinking that would be enough for me to see what I wanted. I put the tele on to watch restoration man and then turned it off afterwards as I was ready to sleep. the following morning I thought I'd watch some more TV but it wouldn't work, the card was expired, what we didn't realise was that it was 10 hrs continuous viewing, not 10 hrs to pick and choose throughout your stay. didn't buy another card, listened to the free radio instead lol.

  • I was led to believe that in England, all cancer patients can have free prescriptions and anyone over the age 60 the same. Ref car parking the Christie charge a single fee of £1.50 that lasts 24hrs and blue badge is free. All cancer patients are entitled to a blue badge. Ref TV the solution is to use a tablet on wifi. The hospital tv service is daylight robbery. Xx

  • They can Paul you have apply for an exemption card. Forms are available at your GP surgery. It lasts for 5 years I didn't know about blue badges I had always assumed they were based on your mobility not your condition

  • Ref blue badge you may be right, I may have got mixed up with AA and DLA. X

  • Paul, not all cancer patients are entitled to a blue badge, it depends on their prognosis etc when I attended a support group run by Macmillan there were patients with breast cancer that didn't qualify for a blue badge, even though one patient was elderly she was turned down. Xx

  • Prescriptions in Wales is free. Not all car parks are free, depends on the trust your being treated at. Not all TV is free either. The newer hospitals have installed free view but the others have not followed suit. I too think the cost of both parking and TV is extortionate.

    It's devolved governments thst introduced free prescriptions but didn't inform us thst there would be no cancer drug fund.

  • Hi Chris,

    I think the devolved governments have a lot to answer for.

    My brother inlaw is in the Royal Glamorgan hospital ( Llantrisant) at the moment and their car parking and televisions are free, I didn't realise that it varied from hospital to hospital though.

    I hope you are doing ok on your new treatment love x G x

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  • I think there is a section on the MacM site where it explains what people with cancer are entitled to. There are also advisers you can ring too.

    When you're ill you shouldn't have to worry about these sort of practicalities.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Janette, I took your advice got the form and have left it with my doctors, receptionist was not sure if I would get it but said she would put it through to them and see what happens. The only medication I need at moment is beta blockers to stop migraines that have got worst since TAH. This was my diagnosis on letter from oncology doctor so I think I should get the free prescriptions, Bilateral serous mucinous borderline ovarian tumour, stage 2c. Let's see. Thanks Sue

  • I copied this from what the NHS sent out to doctors following the change in prescription charges in 2009;


    The Charges Regulations will be amended to extend the medical exemption to include

    cancer patients. They will give exemption from charges for cancer patients in respect of all

    prescription items (not just those for cancer) dispensed on or after 1 April 2009.

    hope you get it sorted Sue xxxx

  • I will let you know once I hear back from them, thanks xx

  • Hello

    Dose this apply to people living in the USA as well?

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