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Anyone had very bad chemo side effects back 6 mths after last chemo - or is it back?

Hi, had 1st reocurrence Feb 13 after nearly 2 yrs remission. Had carbo/taxol this time and the taxol is the one that seems to be the worst. Responded well, bloods back to normal after 3 chemos and scan all clear in July. Panicked a bit in Oct with problems which turned out to be hiatus hernia and stress ( my husband was getting through chemo for bowel cancer, has heart problems and it was another stressful year for us) Onc did bloods and scan and all clear on 25th Nov! But at Christmas - just a month later I started getting night sweats, feet burning,right hip pain and anguish down leg. Plus rumblings in right side, and now around ribs on right side. Last night in bed it woke me up massive hot flush and rush of burning to my feet which took awhile to calm down -I thought I was going to explode. I went to my GP yesterday and she thinks its chemo side effects still but will do a CA125 in a couple of weeks too early yet from the last one. Problem is some of these effects I had with reoccurrence but some are also chemo effects. I have heard of some ladies being left with IBS after chemo. In all other respects I am very well and want to get on with life. So I would be interested to hear anyone's experience but I am expecting it to be back!!! Thank you

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Hi there, I finished chemo (2nd line ) in sept 2013. I am in remission but I have had and still have the hot flushes, feet pain including the burning sensation. Is your doc doing a CA125 test? X Trish


Hi Trish, thanks so much for replying, looks like you are just behind me, in treatment etc. Yes my GP who is very good will do a CA125 in about 2 weeks time, she thinks its best to wait until its 3 months since the last one which was begining of Nov, but scan was clear at end of Nov. Today has been a good day with no pains in side etc. I am going to my reflexologist tomorrow who also does acupuncture, she's very good and has helped with flushes and feet burning in the past. I just hope it is the chemo having a clear out so to speak now I am at the 6 mths post chemo point. Good luck and thank you.



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