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CT Scans - are they scars or tumours? Advice and your experiences really welcome!

I have an uneasy waiting period as have been told at the end of 1 st line chemo and op (CA125 is 26) that there are two new shadows and they could be scars or new tumours! Need to now have biopsy on them.

Views and advice from you wonderful women would be so helpful. Finding it hard to understand how you get new tumours with dropping/normal CA 125

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Hi Alice,

I have no experience as far as having a biopsy on 'shadows' but my scan results at the end of my first line treatment in June last year (and only treatment to date) were similar to yours showing spots around the liver which 'could be disease or scar tissue'. My CA125 at that time was around 30. The decision was to have another scan 3 months later. This showed no change to the 'spots' but some fluid in the abdomen and a CA125 of 40. I have just had a 3rd scan 3 months on from that and have been told the scan is all clear and CA125 is and 'stable' at 37 and nothing to worry about according to my onc.

Fingers crossed your shadows are scar tissue.

Good luck, keep us updated.

Love MB x


Thanks so much MB that is really helpful and reassuring. What good good news about your latest scan and stable CA125. So great that it is clearly scar tissue. They took a sample one of the culprits - about a week to wait. Thanks and love MB X


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