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Little Update

I revisited the doctor again this past week. Unfortunately after an ultrasound and a xray they still are unable to find my left ovary...not too concerned. What was discovered is that I am again experiencing a severe Vitamin deficiency and I will again be referred to a Oncologist/Hematologist for a repeat treatment for a blood disorder in the event that surgery becomes necessary. In the meanwhile a referral has been made to a GYN Specialist for further inquiry to the other symptoms etc. Additional testing has been scheduled as well, due to the discovery of a blockage/growth in my Colon. I will continue to update as the test and probing continues and several questions remain unanswered.

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Hope that they will get to the bottom of this soon, get your questions answered and get on with sorting your problems out. Try and have a nice Christmas, difficult I know, but hope you will.

Love Kaz x x


I hope you get your appointments soon so you get answers to what is causing your discomfort.

Love from Carol x x