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Hi Ladies, when I first joined Ovacome there was a section that said "People in your area" I was able to click on this and a map came up and it showed who lived near me. Since they changed the site I have not been able to fine this section. Does anyone out there know if it still exists or has it been taken off. Just wondered as it would be nice to fine people near me to maybe meet for a coffee. If anyone is in the Kent area I live in Swanley.

Love to all Babs x x

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  • I am really in the borders but I am often in London - Jim is based there. I can meet up anywhere EXCEPT not at the Bluewater place on the M11 or wherever it is. Nearly had a fatal accident there in 2011 when I needed to go to the loo, it took us 50 minutes to get into the parking area... Friday night, it seemed like all of Essex was there... Vicky xxx ps next in London 11th November, I think, for a few days...

  • Hi Babs

    I'd love to meet you for coffee- come and stay for a day or so soon and we'll try out all the local coffee shops!


    Anne xx

  • Hi Ann I wanted to pop down but It was a busy year for me as I have been working full time and as you know my two days off I always look after the grand kids. Now my cancer is back I have been told by both my husband and children that I need to take it a bit easy and have some me time. So maybe now I can meet up x x

  • It would be really nice to see you, Babs- just e-mail me when you think it would be good!

  • Hi Babs it is a shame that it's no longer there. Which area are you? X

  • I am in Swanley, Kent my nearest large town is Bromley. X

  • A bit of a distance from me. My nearest town is Durham. A little far apart to organise coffee, which is a shame x

  • Babs ,

    I would love to meet up but am a bit far maybe? I'm in Hants / Surrey border . I think that you joined the site the same time as me . Hope that the appointment sorts out a treatment plan , best wishes , dy xx

  • Blimey, I'm all the way down in Plymouth! Miles away but a beautiful place to live, surrounded by moors and sea :-)

  • I visit Dartmouth occasionally! My son lives there!

  • I am an ROCC and trying to establish a contact system for people in Yorkshire. I have one or two names so far and will happily add names to my list and put people in touch! I was a Geography teacher so I am aware of distances etc! LOL!

  • hi im in bridlington and would love to be on your contact list as thairs nothing in the ways of support near by. jackie ,

  • Can you pm me with an email address and I will reply with mine!

  • ive pm my email address.

  • Anyone on here from North East Scotland? I live in Elgin, Morayshire which is a very long way from you Babs. I am heading go London next Thursday with family for 5 nights but don't think there will be much spars time for coffee :) Taking in 3 games at the ATP tennis championships :) xx

  • PMd you x

  • I think we should all send a message to Health Unlocked asking them to restore the In Your Area Members. I found it essential when I first tried to set up a support group for SE Wales. Couldn't have done it any other way in fact.

    I hope all you guys get to meet one another because every time I've ever met any of you it's been a wonderful experience. xxx love Annie

  • Good idea Annie! Can you do that?

  • Morning everyone,

    Yes, I think this was a good idea too. I was too poorly to care last year, all very self centred! Doing okay now, thankfully, so if anyone lives in Wirral or Liverpool and wants to catch up, would be happy to do so.

    We went to see Cirque de Soleil last night, amazing and breathtaking! Bit pricey but worth it for a treat.


  • Hi Cerise

    I noticed there's a Target Ovarian Cancer Get-Together Day in Liverpool on 14th January 2014. You can read about it and book @

    The venue is: Venue: Liverpool City Marriott Hotel

    Postcode: L1 1RH

    Time: 10am-4pm

    Contact: Mike Feakes

    Hope this helps. We're having one in Cardiff in May. I'm looking forward to it. xxx

    Love Annie

  • Hi Annie I did e mail Ovacome re putting the map back to show who is near us, but if everyone does it they may take notice. Maybe you could start a blog asking people to make this request. I know you will word it properly and get things moving Love Babs x x

  • Good morning Annie and thanks for the info, I will contact and go along. I am having a lazy start to the day. It is blowing a gale and raining here so why not! Best, x

  • Hello Babs,

    Thank you for raising this issue, we are always in talks with HealthUnlocked about updates and changes that can be made to improve this forum. We will definitely bring this up in our next meeting and hopefully they will be able to restore the map function or maybe create a better one.

    If you have any suggestions or comments please message us and we will bring it to the attention of HealthUnlocked.

    Thanks again,

    The Ovacome Team.

  • Hi, any news on the site-specific search facility being relaunched? When the new site was launched I understood this was in progress and feel that there is such an amazing resource of experiences and insight it is a shame that it is not fully accessible. It was so very important to me, especially when newly diagnosed. Thanks so much xx

  • It would make it easier for me to put people inYorkshire in touch with each other.

  • Hi ovacome team , do you have a poster that could be put up in hospital cancer centres if agreeable. I meet loads of people at chemo, but the chances of meetiing another ovarian cancer lady is small, but sure there will be other woman who would welcome the support if they knew about it ? Hilary

  • Thank you Babs and the Ovacome team - it would be lovely to have the members locator back.

    Anne x

  • Hi Everyone

    I'm in Hampshire near the Dorset border so looks like we all really live quite far away from each other. x x

  • I live on the surry Hants border , its quite far but not undo able . Where are you. I live between Aldershot and Farnham . Dx

  • I live in Inverness-anyone out there!?

  • See above! Someone from Elgin! Not too far if I remember from working up there!

  • Does Harley (Joanna) live your way? I'm really looking forward to the map returning so we can search for members in a specific area. xxxx Hope you find some good company up there in Inverness. I was there for a few days in August. Fantastic scenery! I drove to Skye and another day along Glen Affric and Loch Ness. Stayed in a really lovely friendly B & B in the town centre. I'm definitely going to come back. xxxx

  • I'd love to find people near me anyone near Hertfordshire, Essex or north London.

  • There must be some others who live in Leeds.

    Anne x

  • Or York! Anywhere in Yorkshire?

  • I am met one or two ladies with OC that live in the Leeds area at Target Ovarian events. Are you being treated by at Jimmies?

  • Perhaps the thing for us to do it take a laptop to our local hospital and sign up new members to this site from our area. I'm always so sorry that more people don't join this site as it's such a support. xxxx

  • Hi Annie... I was wondering where in the hospital you set up your area... was it in the waiting area where women go for their regular appointments? Did you have to write to the hospital to get permission? Hope you're feeling a little better than last week. Love Tina x x

  • Hi Tina - I had a massive amount of help and enthusiasm from my former hospital in Cardiff who really wanted me to demonstrate the Ovacome site. they introduced me to a new member of staff who is an Information Officer. She gave me a table, let me know the clinic times for follow-up appointments, offered to help set up a display, and then came and visited. All the gynae oncologists came out to meet us to say they were really pleased.

    I can really recommend trying it. If you have to spend an hour or so in a hospital waiting room it's quite nice having something positive to do - and we met loads of people.

    Chris, (Darragh) or I would be really happy to pass on our experiences to anyone else who wanted to try it. We had to get hold of a wi-fi dongle as there was no wi-fi access in the waiting room - but we still signed up new members and showed what an amazing support this site is.

    xx Hope this is helpful. xx love Annie

  • Hi Annie... I'm really going to think about the idea so if I end up having a go, I know who to ask to get tips. I know I felt so alone when I was diagnosed... you know, everything new and nobody really talking. I think it would be a positive thing to do. It'd be nice if someone else being treated at the same hospital could turn up with me and that way we could support one another. It's really nice that you have people you know in your area you've got to know... and who understand what it's like. Love Tina xxx

  • Hi everyone,

    Is anyone on ovacome from Northern Ireland ? Also wanted to know is anyone here from Dublin ?many thanks .donna

  • Yes, from Randalstown. There's a Health Unlocked site called Ovacare for the Republic of Ireland.


  • Hi, I'm in Stoke on Trent , Staffordshire. A few of us are going to the target raising awareness day in Chester on 14 th nov , and will try to make Liverpool get together day too

  • Hi, I am new to this and see consultant oncologist this Thursday at the Marsden Chelsea? Hopefully I then will be informed their plans. I believe radical surgery and six chemo.

    I live in Surrey anyone my way at all.

    I find comfort reading your posts - still in shock I think and cannot even cry. Worrying about everyone else.

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