Hi everyone,

I have been meaning to post for some time but somehow haven't got round to it so here goes. As a lot of you are aware I am currently working my way through a rather extensive bucket list which seems to be getting longer instead of shorter.

Last week I crossed off another of my experiences. I wanted to drive or drive in a tank!

I was driven round the local countryside by a lovely man called Stephen from our local tank museum. The looks we got from other drivers were amazing as they were somewhat unaccustomed to seeing tanks driving along the road. It was a great experience. Sadly due to insurance reasons I could not drive the tank myself however Stephen arranged for me to drive his smaller offroad vehicle around a course in his field which included going over several large mounds and hills - it was very scary but exhilarating at the same time.

On the way home from the tank museum my husband and I passed an airfield which flies gliders so as one thing is crossed off my list a new experience has been added and I hope to fly in a glider in the near future!

Next week another of my dearest dreams will be coming true. I have always loved Porsche 356 cars. It is the only porrsches I like. I have always wanted to drive one and have looked into it several times over the years even before having cancer but these cars are quite rare in England and very expensive and I have never found one to hire.

However since my story went in our local paper a gentleman has been in touch who owns one and he has taken me for a drive in it. He has also arranged that we can go to the local race track so I can drive it myself. I will be doing that this Thursday and I am so excited!

My other plans for the near future include a couple of trips to the theatre with the children, a few days away to Alton Towers during half term, a ghost tour of Norwich on Halloween (the boys will be fine - I however will be terrified!) and a trip to London with a friend to go to the Olympia horse show. Then after Christmas a trip to Liverpool to see a football match with my youngest son who is a Liverpool fan.

I saw my onc last week who surprised me by saying my last chemo which I finished at the end of August had reduced my tumors considerably so I wouldn't need to see him again until the end of Jan. I have never yet managed a break in my chemo for that period of time over the last 3 years so I will be making the most of it.

My children think I am totally mad and I thoroughly agree with them. I wonder what other mad ideas I can come up with!

hugs to you all

Jackie xxx

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  • Sounds amazing! Particularly jealous of the car- would love to drive round a racetrack. I've been to Olympia many times- it is fabulous and really festive!


  • I haven't been to Olympia in years. I used to go with my mum when I was younger.

    As for the racetrack I am excited but scared as well this car is worth a lot of money and it took him 6 years to restore it. I reckon I will be driving round the track so slowly. xx

  • That's wonderful. I'm all for a drive in a tank! You have some lovely things to look forward too and I'm so glad your treatments going well. Love Tina x x

  • Look into it Tina there may be somewhere near you who can help. It was a great experience. Xx

  • Hi Jackie, what an amazing list of mad ideas, bet your kids are loving them too. Great news about your treatment- enjoy ! Xx

  • We have had so much fun over rather last 3 years. I hope I feel well enough to continue creating further exciting memories. Xx

  • Wow what a great and brave list of ideas. I may pinch some of them , dy x

  • Hi there, you are welcome to pinch any ideas you want!

    I have also hand fed a tiger, ridden a camel, flown an owl and falcon, driven a hovercraft, plus been on several day trips and holidays since being diagnosed. I am determined to have fun with my family before the time comes to hang up my walking boots and succumb to illness. Good luck with your bucket list xxx

  • Dear Jackie

    I loved your post and I love your ever-growing bucket list. You have the most amazing attitude to life and now this wonderful reprieve after your last round of chemotherapy. I know of all of us you will be making the most of every moment.

    The tank must've been such a laugh - and the Porsche jaunt sounds AMAZING! I'll look forward to hearing about your forthcoming Biggles adventure.

    love Annie xxx

  • Thanks Annie,

    It was great fun and I can't wait for the next lot of fun to start.


  • I am glad I brightened your day. My days recently have been very good and I hope they continue to be enjoyable for a long time. I hope your days are as well. Xxx

  • Absolutely brilliant Jackie. Keep up the good work and I hope your youngest son brings luck to the Liverpool team :)

    Love Mary xx

  • Thanks Mary, I intend to grow older disgracefully and have lots of fun. He is hoping liverpool play better as well! Xx

  • Dear Jackie, I have just read your profile, you certainly have had a lot to go through, just wanted to say I admire the way you are dealing with this b.....d,I think your bucket list is amazing may it grow even longer. Love Pamxxx

  • Thank you Pam. I think I am a bit of a head in the sand type of person with v signs up at my cancer. I don't worry too much about stuff until after the event then think oh dear that was a bit serious wasn't it. I suppose one day I will have to take all this seriously but until then I will continue having fun with my family.

    Keep well Jackie Xx

  • Dear Jackie - you are amazing, and I look forward to hearing how you got on with all your adventures. Enjoy your Porsche day and keep on adding to that bucket list!

    Jill Xxx

  • Thank you Jill. I am so looking forward to Thursday. It looks like I am due some nice weather - fingers crossed. Xxx

  • Jackie I'm worn out just reading your post lol! Makes me think I should perhaps be getting a bit more adventurous!! Keep it up girl!!

    Annette xxx

  • Hi Annette,

    I am a bit nutty really and overdo it sometimes. I always think do whatever you feel you can. It doesn't have to be adventurous just fun. Even watching your favourite movie with a glass of wine is wonderful.

    My bucket list is full of mad adventures but it also includes quiet days at home with my family and friends. Xx

  • Good for you and carry on being nutty you sound like a fun person. Xxx

  • Thank you. I plan to stay nutty as long as possible! Xxx

  • Hi Jackie,

    Wowee, you're certainly having an exciting time with lots more plans in prospect. Great news from the Onc as well - fantastic!!! I have been trying to reply to your message to me about meeting up at Notcutts - the site keeps crashing so I will try again here. Yes it would be great to meet up and I can only apologise for not replying sooner - though I'm afraid I am always getting behind with emails even when the thing doesn't sieze up. For some reason it keeps saying there is a problem with one of the scripts on the ovacome site - don't understand that....just one of those things I suppose...

    Love Sheila

  • Hi Sheila,

    I got your message from the other post. I think we are going to arrange to meet at the beginning of November. I will chat to Jan and see if we can get a date sorted. Are there any days best for you?

    I hope you get better access to the site soon. It would be great to see you.

    I will PM you soon. Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Glad you got the messages Jackie, I do my art class on a Monday morning but pretty flexible apart from that. Look forward to meeting you both soon.

    Love Sheila

  • jackie, you are a madwoman and I love you. long may you continue making incredible memories!



  • Thanks Sue,

    I love being mad. That's probably why I childmind as I can be as mad as I want with the children! I quite fancy scuba diving so I will be looking into that next I think - after the gliding and going on all the rollercoasters!

    I'll keep everyone updated. Xxx

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