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silver linings

Silver linings...

We should all consider in the harsh cold reality of life our silver linings, I did this at 2 and 3am. When all said and done sometimes its the small simply things that become silver linings which are the most important to us. So my silver lining was that at that time for the 1st night in I don't remember how many days I was in fact in bed I was awake but I was warm comfortable and had no need to move. I was not sitting in my bathroom for hours on end cold and knowing if I attempted to go I would be called back to soon. So remember if things are not going right count your blessings look for a silver lining you may have to look a bit harder or deeper but you can find one however small it is. ROAR............

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There are always silver linings, and I count my blessings every day, even the silver linings on my head haha love x G x


Dear Pelican

Thank you for this. I know there are sliver linings but sometimes forget to look. I am feeling a bit battle weary at the moment but feeling sorry for yourself makes things a whole lot worse. I will have a go at ROARING.

I am in South Norfolk. Whereabouts in Suffolk are you?

Sarah XXX


Hi Ladies I live in a little village not far from Ipswich Sarah, I too have been having that y do I have to go through this well I know y, but its hard sometimes, just a week and a day post second chemo today. Keep Roaring when u can make it loud and strong remind IT and u who really is in charge.


You're so right, Pelican. There are always silver linings to be found. That's one of the ways I find help keep me going - and finding the reasons my cup is half full, not half empty. I'm not meaning to sound complaisant, though. I do know it's harder for some people.

Long may you stay out of that cold bathroom, yearning to be back in your warm bed

Love, Solange


ROAR, ROAR, ROAR!!!! Wow, that feels good!!!

Hugs Annette xxx


Roars from the end of a little jaunt meeting up with lovely Ovacome members in York. You should join us next time!!!! xx love Annie


Well done, Pelican....those silver linings are always there if we look hard enough. Keep ROARing! :-)

Love Wendy xx


We sometimes need to work at releasing all the stuff that stops us seeing the silver linings. Was working on it myself at 3am this morning, with the aid of a sleep app telling me to put all my worries aside and let them float off on the waves of the sea. It wasn't working too well.

Still. This forum with all its wonderful ladies is certainly one of my silver linings. Sorry every single one of you weren't in York this past few days, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a national conference someday.


Sue xxx


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