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On Tuesday 3rd September we had a stand at the Nursing in Practice exhibition at the Business Design Centre London. Susan - our new support line nurse and I were joined by Ovacome member Mary Raftery and we were kept very busy engaging with a lot of nurses -mainly practice nurses, nurse practitioners and district nurses. As we have done in the past we ran a quiz to help highlight information about ovarian cancer and many nurses were surprised about the facts but enjoyed being part of a learning exercise. It was an enjoyable if tiring day but fulfilling to know that the word is spreading about symptoms that could be due to ovarain cancer

Ruth Payne

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  • Hi Ruth.. I think it's brilliant that you're there, but sad that nurses don't really know about Ovarian/peritoneal issues you're highlighting. As this is an illness with late confirmation for the most part, it's so important that more people than not know what to look for. I wonder if one of the problems is that this is a women's disease and so on the back burner. I could be wrong and actually, I'm not entirely sure this is the case. Thanks again Ruth. x x

  • Great! well done to all involved in raising this awareness to professionals love x G x

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