Loculated Ascite/lymphocele

Has anyone on here been diagnosed with loculated ascites or a lymphocele. I had it drained on the 20th May and feel that it is back, had a scan on Wednesday so hoping to get the results today. I've not been told much about it apart from the fact that it is a complication of surgery. Looking for any info anybody may be able to give me, will it keep coming back, is there anything i can do that will make me less uncomfortable, I am two and a half years post surgery so very surprised that i have it now


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  • Sorry Shabila, no experience to share just to say sorry you are having a bit of a time of it...


    Sue xxx

  • Plenty of experience of ordinary ascities, and pleural effusion, but never heard of this, sorry. Normally ascities is a result of the cancer working, so I hope yours is really something different. Good luck with the scan results.

    Love n hugs


  • I'm the same, plenty of experience of normal ascities and pleural effusion (though not as much as Viv) but I've never heard of this either. Good luck


  • Apologies another word for it is a lymphocele or a lymphocyst, thought I'd better add this, been in to the chemo unit today but the scan has not been reported yet, I guess it's gonna be another anxious weekend

  • I had a lymphocele, was also told it was a complication of surgery. I had a bowel obstruction at the time, so when they did surgery for that they fenestrated it so that it would drain. It helped a little but was still a bit uncomfortable when I walked. Now after a year and a half, it has gone. I was told that it was nothing to worry about, just uncomfortable.

    Monique x

  • Shabila, have no advice to give, just say I´m thinking of you.

    Hugs, Fernanda

  • Don't know if it is the same or similar. But I have encapsulated acities. It is a result of the disease causing parts of the peritoneal and organs getting stuck and causing non draining areas, ie pockets of fluid. Think surgery could also cause that. One area of acities is larger and I have a plurex (semi perminent drain) there which is drained once a week. Recently it seems as if the other large pocket of fluid on the other side is also draining through the plurex. Apparently the areas of stuck fluid can break up (hoping the caelyx is working) and become more free flowing.

    Hope your scan results are good and you soon feel more comfortable xx

  • I've also got a pleurex drain fitted. IT is wonderful, and so quick. When it is coming to the end i can feel the vacuum in the whole of the abdominal cavity and it clears everything through. Shame it doesn't do the lung as well.............


  • Thank you for all the kind words, think i'm gonna have to speak to my team about a plurex drain, so fed up of feeling uncomfortable all the time, still no news from hospital regarding scan, hopefully get a call from my gynae nurse today, have a fabulous day everyone xxx

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