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Hello everyone!

We have had a few comments and reports in the office which I wanted to share and discuss with you all.

It centres around the fine lines of giving advice.

You will hopefully have noted on the right of the page there is a disclaimer which says :

"Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them."

I believe that this community holds an amazing array of expertise, skill, knowledge and concern. You are all in your individual ways experts, but there is an important distinction between sharing our experiences/ beliefs and providing advice. Can we all please be vigilant both in posting and when reading others posts to remember that not even global experts would provide clinical advice without having a great deal more knowledge/understanding than is ever possible on an internet forum.

Thank you everyone (and in my best Brucie impression) "Keeeeeeep posting!"

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  • A fine line indeed, and a timely reminder. Thank you, Louise.


  • Louise, I think these are wise words for us all and perhaps a good base from where to begin rebuilding this valuable resource following all the recent turmoil.

    Andy x

  • Thanks Louise, your tribute to me the other day was one if the reasons I came back. I,m sure we can now all respect your advise. Love Paul xx

  • Thank you - We are relieved (as long as being here is the right thing for you both - we wouldn't want you to feel obligated or for it to be burdensome) L x

  • Dear Louise

    Very wise words, sometimes we can get involved in our own situation, and forget that each one of us is different. What treatment and consultations individually is not the right treatment and advice for everyone. else.

    Thank you for the reminder.

    Regards Barbara.

  • Thank you for a much needed post love x G x 8-)

  • ok. Point taken.

  • Dear Louise

    I think everyone was extremely distressed by the change, particularly as there did not seem to be any prior notice of it, and this is when things got somewhat heated.

    I am so glad it all seems to have calmed down now as this site is so supportive to so many people.



  • Hi Anne,

    Yes it was rather more of a change than we had been expecting, but I know the team at HU have worked really hard to get all the wrinkles smoothed out.

    Although the community has been a bit 'heated' of late, the post was actually just a reminder about conduct as we have had a few incidents of people being somewhat 'directive' in their advice - Dr Google rather than personal experience which led to some complaints. Thankfully that seems to have settled too.

    Thank you for bearing with us!


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