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birth control pill

Hi Everyone,

Have any of you ladies ever got Ovarian Cancer on the birth control pill? they say it is very good method to stop Ovarian Cancer? but I am being told that everything is a risk factor if you took the pill you wont get Ovarian others say its NOT a 100% and that you could still get Ovarian Cancer, I could never go on the pill but I feel that I should have used some sort of birth control to lesson my chances!!


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Hi Sarah,

Don't worry too much - I was on the pill for 12 years! 4 years after coming off it I was diagnosed.



Hi joeli,

I think the answer is nobody knows for sure. It is all based on statistics and they are no predictor of individual outcomes. While hormone contraceptives reduce the statistical risk they are no predictor for individuals. They have put my daughter on the implant as a protective measure but it only reduces the statistical risk it gives no guarantee. They say my ex's promiscuity had nothing to do with it but I regularly got NSU and thrush so maybe if I had kicked him out sooner who knows? I would have been a lot less miserable that's for sure. What ifs and if onlys are a waste of time and we do not have it to waste!

You might have taken the pill and still got it! Who knows? Spring is coming and, despite the frost there are flowers on my jasmine and primulas in my window box. If I can just get rid of the neighbours' cats maybe the birds will come to the feeder.

Now where did I put that catapult?



I was on the pill for 16 years and I was only 30 when I was diagnosed . I came off the pill and within 6 months I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.


I was on the pill for many years as well and in fact I was diagnosed whilst still on the pill so if offered me no protection. I'm not sure if these sort of questions really help but I suppose coming to terms with cancer is a process


Sarah you know its not your fault don't you?


Dear Sarah

I know they say the pill is supposed to help protect against ovarian cancer but I have also read that you are more at risk of breast cancer if you are on the pill. At this point I gave up thinking about all the "what ifs" as there is a risk in everything! Its the same as diets, the other day my sister showed me something about eating for your body type in the ayurvedic way and the foods I am supposed to eat or not eat conflict with other eating "regimes" and to to be frank I am not going to worry about it though I believe it is sensible to eat healthily. I think you really put yourself through it worrying about stuff and you cannot blame yourself for anything. Worrying about things we cannot change just whittles away all our energy and happiness.

Best wishes



Hello ScardyCat40,

I blame myself everyday I beat myself up, I heard that taking the pill can reduce the risk of getting ovarian cancer but that it is a small risk if it worked that great every women would be on the pill so they didnt get ovarian cancer doctors would be putting all us women on it and we could be saved, my twin sister was on the pill for 10 years and she didnt get ovarian so I think that's it I should have done the same thing or got my tubes tied or had the coil fitted, I would have gone to the end of the earth to never to have gotten ovarian cancer and for it to return in such a short time [three months] I was hoping for a longer remisson period better outcome, I'm a complete mess, I cry everyday usually first thing on a morning, my oncologist doesnt what to talk about it he thinks its a pointless exerices and just wants me to get on with the here and now, we all make choices in life some right some good and we can not look into the future to see which ones are going to make everything turn out alright!!



Its not your fault and its a dreadful thing to happen to all of us. Can you oncologist or GP refer you to a counsellor so you can discuss these issues? You shouldn't have to deal with these on your own and sometimes its a bit much for family.


Sarah, it's definitely NOT your fault! I bet you've had some stress, a bereavement, a bad time at work ....that's much more likely to be it! Don't beat yourself up, just try to concentrate on getting through it all. It sounds as if you need someone to talk to ...have you tried your GP surgery for a counsellor referral or try ringing Macmillan, it's there to support all of us, not just for the terminally ill. I work on group with Macmillan nurses called "survivorship" and it's about how we all come to terms with life after diagnosis. I felt for a little while ...why me? Then I just though about how much I still want to do, and how much hope there is. None of us know when the BBFC will come back (look in the search box at the top of the page for that one!)

Stay in touch with us all on here when you're feeling down, and try to believe you will get through these bad times.

By the way, I was on the pill from the age of 18 to 30, when we started trying for a baby, couldn't do that one :-( .......the risk factor for childless women is higher too ....but I reckon it's not my fault. Sometimes life just works out like that. I got OC when I was 52 and have been in the clear since then, so lucky! :-)

I try not to dwell on these things, I can't change them, I can only choose how I react to them. I choose to look forward and enjoy

Love, Wendy xx


Hi Sarah

I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling as you do. I was also on the contraceptive pill for many years and got borderline cancer.

In life you know the only science that is 100% accurate at all times is hindsight.

I work in healthcare information mastery and can categorically tell you that it is far from 100% certain that people who take the pill don't get ovarian cancer. Taking the oral contraceptive pill is also not without its risks , you could have had a blood clot and dropped dead. Also, advice changes over time and nobody can predict this. After all people our parents' generation were told to start smoking to keep their weight down. Ten or fifteen years ago nobody could have forseen this advice.It could be that we might have found out now that it increased breast cancer.

I so hope that our messages help a bit. It's not your fault , honestly !

Take care

Big husz to you

Charlie xxx



I Actually got diagnosed with ovarian cancer while taking the contraceptive pill. I started on it when I was 16 and got diagnosed when I was 21. My consultant actually told me the contraceptive pill had been feeding my tumour, dont know how true this is. I am currently on Tamixofen to stop me absorbing eostrogen, which is what is in the combined contraceptive pill. therefore its not 100% of protecting you of ovarian cancer.



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