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The Blackbirds have Hatched

Over the last week I had noticed a Blackbird bobbing in and out of a climbing plant right outside the study window.

This morning for the first time I heard the unmistakable sound of the chicks and saw Blackbird mum busily whizzing in and out finding and bringing food.

If I climb up on to the desk I can look right down in to the nest and see a fluffy bundle of feathers and beaks jostling for food and space :-)

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Dear Elaine

What a wonderful sight that must be. I hope you can get a pic and post it on your blog. I've never seen a blackbird chick in a nest. Ours is chirping away very noisily in the tree outside our bedroom but too far away to peer into the nest.

xxx Annie


I will try and get a picture, it's amazing. Mummy Blackbird just flew in with the food and all the little Beaks suddenly stretch up to be fed.


It really must be a lovely sight :-) love x G x :-)


Hi there Elaine ...

Can Just picture the secene of the Blackbirds and sound too ..... there are some chicks in next doors garden which one can hear while reading out side and ones feet are up resting .....

They had Robins nesting and then hatching a few years back ..we got to see the young when they came to play in our Lilac tree ..Daddy Robin ...was mad when he spotted Tessa our cat sitting under the tree ..but by then she was deaf as a door post and not bothered about birds ..Just wanting to shade from the sun ..Mmmmm sun what was that like ....


Hi Elaine

It's really fascinating, watching the birds, isn't it? I hope the baby birds all make it to the fledgeling stage and that's when you really get protective! I'm developing a real taste for sitting at the table, looking out at all the birdlife in my garden. I know I've developed into a batty old woman, though, as I've started to give my birds names ........there's Rags the robin (scruffy!) and Splosh the blackbird (has white sploshes on his wing). Yeah, I know...I should get a life ;-)

love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy

I have got an eye out for the cats..ready to chase them away if they come for the nest! Definitely a batty person :-)

The cats had the Robins last year sadly, pulled all the chicks out of the nest and then just wandered off.

This year the Robins nested high up in a box we have put up and their brood was successful.


We have magpies nesting in the trees at the back of us, apart from waking us up at 4 most mornings, they are lethal to baby birds. We have a family of blackbirds too, very high up in trees though, out of the way. Good luck with the baby birds! xx


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