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Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Is there anyone else with advanced ovarian cancer has gone on to develop a pulmenary embolism and is feeling low at the moment. I would be very grateful to hear how anyone handles this limbo state that I feel in. Thankfully I can still get out and about but find time weighs very heavily on me and am very anxious. Looking forward to hearing other views. Many thanks.


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Hello Clemetis, I was diagnosed with Stage 1V Ovarian cancer 12 years ago. I also had massive pulmonary embolisms and was taking Coumadin to thin my blood and eliminate the embolisms. I couldn't have surgery right away (too dangerous with the blood clots I was told) - but I did have 3 chemos prior to surgery. Try not to worry too much. Believe with all your heart that you will win - I know that's very hard, but if I can 'win' so can you. Read the book by Bernie Siegel, "Love, Medicine and Miracles". I found that his book gave me the hope I needed. Maybe it'll help you too? Take care. Sandy.

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Thank you SandyL for your very encouraging reply. What surgery did you have. I have to inject myself every day to disperse the clots? I have that book so I will read it again as it was a long time ago that I read it. If you don't mind telling me a bit more, how many times has the ovarian cancer has come back.? I have had it 3 times now and I do feel very weary with all the chemo and treatment. Are you in remission and if so how long for and do you lead your normal life? I think in addition to the illness, lots of my friends have moved away and I find I have a lot of time on my hands. You sound so good I am so pleased to hear this.

Love Clemetis


So sorry to hear you are feeling low at the moment, Clemetis. It's a very worrying time and completely understandable. Try and give yourself a little treat every day and find something to enjoy that diverts you from the worry. Be kind to yourself and rest assured that, by putting your thoughts on this website, there are many women who are with you in spirit and who are sending you healing thoughts.

Love, Wendy xx


Thank you Wendy. I will take your advice. My Doctor (GP) is very helpful and encouraging too.

Love Diana


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