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Any opinions most welcome

Hello, I am 45 years old from Glasgow. I may be jumping the gun here but I have some concerns that I am showing signs and symptoms of OC.

For the last few months I have been feeling very fatigued and out of sorts. Since beginning of December I have had a continual swelling of my lower abdomen( I look about 6 months pregnant) and this is accompanied by what I can only describe as mild labour pains. My lower back is very achy and the pain can radiate round to my sides and legs. I have still got a reasonably healthy appetite( most days) although some days I feel very sluggish and don't feel like eating. Passing urine very frequently too and when I feel the need to go I just can't hold it.

I had a subtotal hysterectomy in sep 2007 with ovarian conservation. I visited my GP yesterday and explained my symptoms and she asked me for a urine sample which when she analysed it showed blood and protein and she has started me on antibiotics for a week. She did say that had my urine been clear she would have sent me for a scan straight away. She is treating me for a bladder infection.

I am from a nursing background( haven't practiced for over 10 years now) so am a bit out of the loop regarding OC.

is it common to be misdiagnosed with bladder problems? What should my next step be? Am I overreacting?

All opinions very gratefully received.... Healing thoughts to all and thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Ainslie xxx

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Hi Ainslie,

Sorry to read of your symptoms. My first reaction is; go to the ractice nurse and had your ca125 blood tested. Although it's not infallible, if elevated, it would support the desire for a scan as soon as possible.

I am someone who had no symptoms (or no recognised ones) until a lymph node in my groin enlarged amd after several months it was removed and I was found to have 3c That was 3 yrs ago yesterday, and I've been in full remission for 2yrs 6 mths.

I hope that the anti biotics prove to be the cure for your problem without further treatment, but the ca125 test would be my first additional check.

Very best wishes,



Hi Ainslie,

I agree about the CA125 blood test, also there is a "BEATonline" symptom tracker that you can download from the Ovacome website, fill in and take to appointments with you to help the doc to make a decision as to whether to do more investigations. The Ovacome website also has a helpline number where you can get through to an Ovacome nurse to discuss things with if you wish.

All the best, Wendy xx


Hi Ainslie,

I agree with Isadora, definatley get a CA125 done, should be no problem with the new guidelines that have been issued, and in my case it is a very good pointer as to what is going on with me. My oncologist always uses a CT scan as opposed to anything else to 'see' what is happening inside.

Have you used the Ovacome BEAT guide to assess your symptons - you can use it as a guide for the Gp when you next go.

Good luck



As per the lovely ladies above - request a CA125 test. For the peace of mind it should give you it will be invaluable.

Love Lizzie



Hi Ainslie

I don't think you are overreacting. Hopefully it is just a urine infection that will clear up with antibiotics, but if you are worried please ask for a CA125 or scan.

Before I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, my doctor thought I had a bladder infection but, unlike yourself, my results came back clear. I had started on antibiotics but when the urine results came back clear I was sent to hospital. My main symptom was pelvic pain (due to growth in the fallopian tube). They though it was kidney stones at first (or appendicitis) but eventually, after a week in hospital they did an ultrasound scan and found ovarian cancer. It was then confirmed then by CA125 blood test and MRI scan.

wishing you all the best



My experience of GPs is that they are somewhat reluctant to refer you (it must come out of their budget?) and will try to go down as many other routes as possible - I think you have to be pretty persistent. As suggested above, a FIRM request for a CA 125 test and a persistent request for a scan and/or a referral should be your route; I think it is quite well known that stress and anxiety are contributing factors and you need, at least, to have your mind put at rest that the problem is indeed just a bladder infection, though that is bad enough. I hope that that is what it turns out to be but don't give up on pursuing what you think you need from your GP. Good luck.


Hi! Ainslie

Yes I agree with the other ladies - INSIST ON THE CA125. I understand that it only costs the practice £20-25 and after all it is your health at stake. If you feel it would help to have some written back-up info. to take to your G.P. The information Office at the Beatson Hospital(Gartnavel) can provide you with some I am sure - it is in the entrance on the left after the cafe.Obviously I too am a Glaswegian and have attended the Beatson for over 6 years.


Wishing you all the best in the world luvie - Urine infections are simply horrible and they are indeed more likely to offer you nasty symptoms than OC usually does.

If it is an infection the antibiotics should soon releave your symptoms within 48 hours or so. Also drink plenty of water, it helps to flush any infection out.

In the mentime I would still chat to your GP about your fears and ask for the CA 125 blood test.

Don`t be fobbed off with a "this blood test is not reliable" excuse, I would even pay for the blood test out of my own pocket if I had to.

It is only a oc marker but a very good one for some people.

I must point out that your CA 125 result may be within a higher than normal range if you have a bladder infection. We excreet protein in our blood for alsorts of (out of source) reasons, not just OC. And for that reason your GP may not be very keen on the blood test. Ask any way and ask why if he refuses or poo pooes it.

For peace of mind ask him to refere you for an ultra sound scan - the appointment can always be cancelled if it turns out to be a bladder or kidney infection.

Just want to add, you have every right to be concerned and you are not by no means making a fuss or over reacting, this is happening to your body whatever it is and it is your privaledge to insist things are checked out for you. Your GP has no way of knowing for sure that this isn`t OC so put the preasure on sweetheart, you must find peace of mind or early diagnosis.

Get well soon luvie and let us know how things go for you, we always here to help, these ladies are an amazing bunch of support to each other.

Love from Tina xxxx


Hello to all. I am updating after my original post several weeks ago. Firstly, may I thank you all for your very prompt and very very helpful responses...I can't tell you the relief to be able to talk about my symptoms and feelings without being considered to making " a fuss".

Just a few days after I posted I was struck down with very severe abdominal pain and ended up in hospital with what I am told were kidney stones. I had been experiencing abdominal pain and swelling for several months previous to this incident. I returned to my reluctant GP armed with beat tracker records and a very distended and hard abdomen and hallelujah! ... I have scan on 17th feb. I also have to attend for a cystoscopy to have a look at the bladder on 24 th feb. I am passing urine (very little and very often), I have a permanent 6 month pregnant tummy, severe lower abdominal pain, a heavy bearing down feeling in the top of my cervix and a constant " period type pain" which is more severe on the left hand side and a constant lower backache. Explaining these symptoms to my GP she is still convinced that my symptoms are not at all related to OC. she says that because I have had children,I am young (45) and had a sub- total hysterectomy 4 years ago( ovaries and cervix conserved) that there is no risk of cancer.

I feel relieved to be having this scan, it is a fasting and full scan, no food for 5 hours prior to appointment and a very full bladder( bring on the tena ladies) lol

I don't know if this will be a regular ultrasound or a trans vaginal one?

My warmest thanks and fondest wishes to all and any comments on my post would be most welcome and greatly appreciated.

Healing thoughts to all,

Ainslie xxx


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