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What is going on

Hi all havent been on for a while but my up date is that I went to get checked turns out my coil had dropped causing more pain and bleeding than there should be, so they replace coil had it in for 6 wks had another check up coil is in its place but my bleeding is terrible as they now know, they have took swab from womb so good news it was all clear. They still havent tested me ovarian cancer but I do go back in 8 wks then im hoping I will have a laposcopy. This has been going on too long now

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Hi Gemma

Go on the website and have a look at the section called BEAT ovarian cancer with Ovacome. Scroll down to the symptom tracker and fill it in, keep recording any symptoms and print it out to take with you to your appointment. It will give you backup and should be taken seriously

All the best

Love Wendy xx


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