Disability - HUH!

I am a tomboy and as well as having my motorbike licence, I also have an artic lorry and bus licence - OK I havnt used them much in recent years, but they cost me a lot of money to do at the time and I want to continue to keep the entitlement - one never knows.

Anyway, after doing my medical last September for the bus and lorry, and going through the hoops trying to find out if Swansea's - sorry Annie, medical examiner felt I was now fit to drive large vehicles, letters and forms back and fore from my GP stating that neither my illness nor the treatment would impinge on my ability to drive large vehicles. I received the renewal through the post this morning - whoopee! (only took 7 months)

My elation was somewhat tempered by the covering note which stated that the medical examiner has recommended that my fitness to drive an LGV or PCV should be looked at again in 1 years time.

I don't know about anyone else, but if my health deteriorates to such an extent, my GP would be telling me not to drive and I would then by law inform Swansea.

Talk about a hammer to crack a nut!

Just another thing this blasted disease is taking away from us.

Hugs to all



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  • The DSA is having a major shake up as the DFT become a new department, in recent years it has been highlighted that many do not return their licence even under medical advice, so it has been sweep everyone up with the same broom. The lack of Police presence means that catching those who flout the law is slim, hence the new restrictions.

    It is unfair but it also a cheaper route for the Government than employing more law enforcement.


  • I used to be responsible for 7.5 ton truck in my last job and learned about the pleasures of driving vans - pirates of the road, beautiful views over hedgerows and delicious bacon butties in Lorry Drivers' Roadside cafes.

    This is yet another Human Rights issue that Wales should be looking at Harley. Don't worry about the reference to Swansea Harley - they're just civil servants who could have been based anywhere. You have suffered disability discrimination. Your condition is a physical one and not one where you need an advocate to decide whether you are capable or not.

    As I'm a stubbon old bird I'd be straight there in my HGV or my PSV just to make a point.

    Happy Motoring!

    xxx love Annie

  • Ha ha, I love your style Annie, your description of the experiences of a large vehicle driver is why I love it so much.

    Lily-Anne, you sound as though you know a thing or two about government departments, we will wait with bated breath next year to see how long it takes them to figure out my ability to drive!!!




  • You fight girl! Having been subject to Govt Regs for all my working life I have not a lot of time for them. Fight the ba##ards all the way, I say!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Bastards. Keep fighting, you're right they are trying to take every blood pleasure away!

    Since Annie revealed her trucker fetish... I am a bit of an expert gas, arc and MIG welder! Anyone else?

    I could weld a big sign to the side of your article if you like then we could all travel the country demanding our rights!


    Sue xxx

  • I see where we can go with this one - get a hold of a double decker and tour UK doing awareness raising/fundraising - I can see Cliff Richards singing Summer Holiday, Ha Ha.

    Sue can do the signs for the bus, any other unknown talents lurking out there.

    Not a bad idea!



  • I'll punch the tickets!!

  • I can allocate seats, years of managing beds and who goes in them has stood me in good stead for such eventualities!!! Xxxx

  • And I will do a moonie through the rear window as we drive past the NICE offices :-D

  • Lands End to John O Groats here we come! xx

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