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I am six years down the road from diagnosis with two recurrences. Some days are easier than others. On reflection, I do realise I am luckier than a lot of people. In between treatments, I have been able to return to work. During my first course of treatment, I completed a diploma in business studies. I have also managed to take breaks away. No I dont think for one minute, I am superwoman. I am trying to cope with this dreadful illness as best I can. I have learned many lessons during the past 6 years and this has in efect changed the way I think about life now. At the moment, I am out of treatment but in effect, this is a chronic illness.

I would encourage others to blog on this website as perhaps we could chat or help each other.

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  • You sound so positive that you could keep going despite all. You are right it does give you a whole new outlook on life. I now love the simple life so much more just being there for my kids collecting them from school. I now want to do a bit of part time study it is important to keep moving forward and not dwell on it too much

  • Yes I agree with you, Part of the ride has been touch especially the first recurrence, as went from pillar to post for a diagnosis. Have the back up of a great medical practice and gps. But it is important to live for the moment and enjoy what you do. My part time work financially enables me to take these breaks when I can. I would encourage you to do your part time study if you can. My tutor was very good to me and kept me on the straight and narrow when I wanted to give up. He was as proud as me the day I got my Diploma. With this illness I decided you have two options, ie "give in" or fight and I think we both chose the latter. Best of luck and keep in touch!!!!!

  • Yes I agree keep fighting

  • New to OvaCare and attended meeting in Dublin today. Very informative and worthwhile, it's great to be able to meet people in the same boat and compare stories and learn how to cope better with the disease. Organisers are wonderful people. Diagnosed in 2009, recurred in 2011 and 2012, on chemo again, Avastin fortnightly and cyclophosphate daily. Anyone on this regime and how is being tolerated.

  • Yes I attended the meeting in Cork earlier during the year and came away with a lot more information than I had. Onocologist put a lot of thought into what he said and it was simple to understand. I had recurrence in 2010 and 2011 the latter being treated with radiotheraphy. Just had scan in August and radio t reduced it by 50pc, am due for check up next week. In the meantime, had mri for shoulder pain which turns out to be tear in ligaments etc etc so going to see an ortho man for that. It never rains but it pours. Did you find the speakers interesting. Yes June is a wonderful person to organise these meetings. How are you doing on the Avastin etc any side effects. I joined the vhi when first had a problem and my seven years waiting period is up now . However am very happy as a public patient,

  • Good to read your comment. Yea, that's the word the doctor used last week 'chronic illness'. Just have to get used to it ! How long were you clear before your 1st recurrence? I am curious because i have just been diagnosed with my first recurrence. Got almost 6 months.

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