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Hi teal ladies

Haven’t posted in awhile but just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with niraparib. I read a lot about it on ovacome but have come across it here on ovacare. I mentioned it to my onc Liston nurse but she hadn’t heard about it. Only olaparib which I can’t have as I’m brca negative. Currently having 3rd line chemo caelyx every four weeks for my 2nd reoccurrence. Previously had carbo/taxol and then cistoplatin/gemzar which were all successful but now am platinum resistance. Caelyx is tough as has me knocked sideways. Ca125 are decreasing slowing. They peaked at over 600 now at just over 500 after 4 infusions. Had no 5 yesterday but haven’t got ca125 results yet. Fingers crossed it’s down more. Scan last Month didn’t really give any new info except no increase in mass.

Sorry to drone on but just frustrated at the minute as it’s all so slow and not sure what’s next. Hope your all doing well and keeping up the good fight.


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I have no information about that tablet but I am glad the numbers are decreasing. I wish you the best, haven't been on a lot lately but will post maybe next weekend after seeing my Consultant


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