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Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer on June 26th had full hysterectomy on June 27th Chemo started Aug 14th To say I'm on a rollercoaster is an understatement I was majorly let down by my gynecologist whom I attended for a full year in 2017 Iv no idea what the future holds for me + I'm scared of the prognosis Unfortunately the statistics are not very positive Im wondering is anyone else here with stage 4? If so are you finished treatment etc

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Hi , No one can know what the future holds , firsts do not goggle statistics they are so out of date, I was told I would not see the year out when I was diagnosed that was 4 years ago,

You have found a community of some amazing ladies and I'm sure you will find ladies on here that have beat the statistics, we are all so different with this journey.

Sorry about your gynecologist letting you down I hope your next one has a good plain in place and that you can go forwards .. Take care Lorraine keep in touch xx💙💙

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Thank you


Think positively that you will make a 100% recovery

The body and immune system normally is a very good healer when you are positive- do as much exercise as you can - but if you are laying down for long periods make sure u are given the heparin injections to stop blood clots leading to pulmonary embolisms or stroke.

Don’t get a chest infection or others with infection near you- wear a mask if necessary


Perhaps not the place / time to write - make all your bank accounts insurance bills in joint names and share all financial details with someone trustworthy and revisit your will NOW when you are able to.

If you have very large loans against you this helps reduce the inheritance tax so get signatures for loans and property- call an expert as you are unwell and need energy to fight the ravages of chemo. money well spent


Thank you I have sorted most of my financial affairs I'm trying to be as positive as possible but some days the doubts sneak in


I was diagnosed with stage 4 in June 2014. Like you it was after a year of complaining and going back and forth to various Doctors. Had the surgery and chemo and spent 2015 recovering then went into remission. Got more tumours last year but they have responded to chemo and stopped growing. The thing with stage 4 is that you are incurable. I think that is more helpful than the term life limited or terminal. My original prognosis was 6 months to 2 years so I am well past my sell date. Rest when you have to and make the most of your good days. Yes, get things sorted but also but also enjoy life. I say I am in the business of making memories much more fun than a bucket list.


Thank you Yes I make the most of my good days meeting friends + family Being positive as much as i can I still have those days when the fear + doubts sneak in


Hello Ruarabel, I had surgery and chemo back in 2011 for ovarian cancer, Stage 4; was clear for 6 years, then it returned 2018, and I had more chemo (exactly the same course as back in 2011). Back onto 3 month check-ups now. At this stage of your treatment you need to be very kind to yourself! Lower all your standards! Your surgery, which was major, was quite recent and your body needs to heal from that, and instead you are on the strange and difficult journey of chemo. It's hard to remember that any side-effects are caused because the chemo is attacking all the good bits of you as well as the bad bits, and your body complains, naturally! The treatment is 'robust', to use an inadequate euphemism. You might get unusual cravings for certain foods, as the taste buds can get buggered up; in my case it was a longing for fairy cakes with fresh cream and jam! Better to eat what you feel like than make yourself eat 'healthy foods' particularly if you haven't been doing much of that beforehand; to be honest, it's whatever it takes to get through the treatment and then afterwards you can engage in a healthy food regime. Good advice from the others who have replied to you, particularly stay away from the internet - there's all sorts of rubbish out there, and you've got better things to do that trawl through suspect 'stuff'. Important I believe to make sure you laugh lots! I always tried to watch really funny DVD's after treatment ('Nuns on the Run' was a particular favourite, but whatever presses your laughter buttons!). I replied recently to Rachel Faye on the subject of fear, and there might be some words there that might be helpful to you as well. Yes, do keep posting - I wish I'd known about this site back in 2011, as it's difficult for those who haven't been on the particular chemo journey to understand the challenges. Courage, and blessings! Marie


Hi Marie some very good advise there Thank you I must definitely laugh more It's a great idea I suppose these past few weeks Iv been feeling sorry for myself Ya Iv had a few strange cravings at the moment it's Ham sandwichs on white bread I rarely ate bread before + if I did it was brown I will definitely take your advice Thank you


Hi I am stage IV ppc I was diagnosed last November I did frontline chemo from December to April. I am on avastin now. I do lots of complimentary therapies, I started reflexology during chemotherapy it helps with the symptoms, I also went to a homeopath and got a very fine grade of DoTerra frankincense oil to take orally and I only started this recently so I was finished chemo at that stage. I also started yoga and find it really relaxing and helps with a positive attitude. Try and keep as active as possible even walks, be near nature, try and meet family and friends make time for yourself that is positive and not all medical related. I also did reiki which was available at my hospital. I juice daily I try to eat raw green leafy vegetables and take frozen shots of wheatgrass which is really good for your blood and for energy. I changed from dairy to vegan alternatives and don't eat meat, I take tumeric its a lot of information but when I was diagnosed I wasn't doing any of this stuff and I was very upset obviously but it becomes the new normal and all you can do is be positive. Take care Clare


Hi Clare Thank you I'm delighted to hear you are doing well It definitely gives me hope I'm starting reflexology + Yoga in a few weeks I was told in the hospital no turmeric no wheatgrass no jucing I'm assuming that's just while I'm on chemo I will definitely give them a try when I'm allowed to I will be on avastin also for 15 months I'm having my 3rd round of chemo on Tuesday


Hi I didn't juice while on chemo I was barely able to eat for a few days after each session, the hospital where I attend wouldn't really agree to taking anything that isn't a drug basically, while they do offer complimentary therapies such as reflexology and reiki they don't agree to taking supplements, another thing that some cancer patients try are IV vitamin infusions I asked about this and they said no way its not proven the reason I didn't go with it was they cost around 400euro per session, so instead I try to eat the raw organic pure foods if you do decide to go on wheatgrass be careful to source a good brand I get a local wheatgrass at the urban co-op or healthshop that is frozen in plastic shot glasses some of the powdered ones that is grown in india may not be organic or could use pesticides which wouldn't have any health benefits. If you start the reflexology ask the therapist do they have frankincense oil they may have a grade to massage on the gyne organ points on your feet which I also had done another massage therapist advised to apply it to the whole torso area in small quantities,


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