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Help for those that grieve

Most of us make peace with the thoughts of our own eventual demise from this awful disease, whilst doing all we can to make the most of the blessings we do have. Our thoughts go to those we may leave behind and how they will cope. I found this on a website that may help ones to cope better.


Help for those that Grieve.

These articles have lots of sound practical advice as well as scriptural comfort.

Sending comfort to all those grieving now, and may it be a long time away for the loved ones of those of us that continue to endure what’s thrown at us along this journey 😘

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I think yes we take what is thrown at us and cope as best we can. One lady has described treatment as a process to getting better and I think that is very apt, we are all going through this process, some starting treatment, some on treatment and some like me just finished treatment. We cope as best we can and do our best to enjoy life in between the drama of ct results etc. We do grieve for those who have sat near us at treatment and who are no longer with us. We also grieve for members of this group who have passed, it is good to acknowledge this. Mainly we grieve for our former lives and wish we could have them back, Hope this make sense!!!!


I’m a hypnotherapist and counsellor who specialises in bereavement and those first six months are so difficult for the bereaved. My sister is a chartered psychologist and will only see someone a minimum of 6 months but more commonly 12 after the loss of someone close

I trained after losing my son 10 years ago and even now it is a painful memory to step into. Living a life beside grief. I do worry about Hubby burying his feelings and my children having lost their brother and my parents in the last few years will reach a point of mental tenderness

It’s scary. I accept this OC will win the day and as you say in some ways it’s easier for us

LA xx

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Thanks for replying to my post, the loss of loved ones is very difficult to deal with especially a child. Did you follow the link and read the articles, as they are full of sound advice for folk. I think we ourselves can help our families by preparing them for that time, even perhaps discussing and arranging our affairs , to lessen their burden. By doing that it can also make us feel that we are doing something to help,maybe in some way trying to repay all the support and encouragement they have given us through our often dark and troubled times dealing with the physical issues we deal with and sometimes the even more troubling mental and emotional struggles we have. I’ve found great comfort from a study of the bible, and have a firm belief in what it says happens when we die and what hope to have regarding the dead. But Jesus wept when his friend died even though he knew he was about to bring him back to life, so it’s a natural thing to grieve and it does help folk cope.

Www.jw.org has lots of info on all these subjects.

Hope you can find comfort for your own losses in life.😌


This is a link re my last reply



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