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The toasted patient


Hi Ladies and any gents, including Naimish. I completed 5 Stereotactic treatments last week. They told me it would hit in ten days and they were about accurate. Between this and the warm weather I feel like a very limp lettuce right now. The first treatment was the hardest but after that I managed pretty well. Fatigue is the main issue along with pain, I asked the Consultant would pain go away and would I get mobility totally back, answer was "I don't know" to both, To me that isn't satisfactory but I am returning to my own Onc in a few days who will be much more polite. The battle is ongoing with the VHI, it has gone to appeal and complaints Committee. I got a letter from them during the week so this means I go back to day one again as in 40 working days before contacting Insurance Ombudsman. You can only complain if they ignore you and not make decision within 40 working days. So its a cat and mouse game at this stage. I think it is purely disgraceful that this treatment is not freely paid for by VHI for gynae patients. In view of the new upcoming facilities in CUH in February this does need to be sorted for us ladies and indeed of course for any VHI Ladies throughout the country. Any of you with some inspiration as to where I go from here feel free to advise me. I am not sure if I can go to local Radio on this as yet until I get a decision. This has been the most painful part of my OC Journey because I realise the cause of the pain is Cancer, and it hits home a bit more. I am lucky in that up to now my illness has been pain free. Best wishes to all

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Hi Joan, i can understand the physical and psychological pain that you have been through and can at best pray to mitigate it, which i am.

Here too its got a bit worse with Gauri's CA125 at 280 and USG showing up small lymph nodes on the surface of the liver. Planned for a Pet CT week following as we are travelling next week . Shocked literally because we just got back from three weeks in E. Europe with abs no signs of any sort of discomfort or fatigue. Lets see what the onco says..... Gauri is not willing to do any more chemo but is ok with surgical intervention.


Dear Joan, hope you are feeling a little better and that the tiredness and pain are subsiding. It is very tough having to fight a battle with VHI as you could be focusing that attention on getting over the treatment. I'm sure VHI know the rules with the amount of days they have to contact you. It seems unfair that they have all the say in this issue and that you can't contact the ombudsman. I would certainly consider going on the National airwaves to highlight the issue as people don't realise the non medical struggles that people face. But sending you lots of strength and encouragement with getting better and getting a positive result from VHI.

Esther xx

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