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Cancer Awareness Exhibition


My life with Cancer

This journey probably started in 2005 when my mother died of Ovarian cancer, she was diagnosed about 2-3 years before that and during that time she went through all the different types of treatment she could have, and at one point it did seem that there may be hope that she would survive this. Unfortunately the cancer took hold and spread to different parts of her body and sadly she died at a local hospice. Since then I've known at least 6 other people who have been diagnosed with cancer and sadly four of them have died of the condition, one six weeks after being diagnosed.

Since then what I've tried with a number of charities to give some of my time, skill and knowledge in photography back to help other people with a similar condition, through one reason and another it didn't work, so in 2014 the idea began to raise funds doing my own projects and either selling my limited edition prints, fine art limited edition books, greeting cards to raise funds for a five cancer related charities.

Emotions Project

What I've tried to do in this project is to show some of the emotions people go through when diagnosed with cancer, and really this doesn't only apply to the person with the condition but also family and friends by photographing people and the expressions on their face to hopefully show the emotions of Denial, Sadness, Anger, Depression and hopefully Happiness and Joy when finally get the all clear. Non of these models had cancer and with their assistance hopefully I given the person looking at this book something to feel and to understand that really Cancer doesn't apply to the patient but to everyone and we at some point can have these emotions.

The Emotions Portrait Exhibition is at the National Memorial Arboretum on Sunday 5th August

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