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Hi ladies update

Hi ladies hope you are all fine well went to Bristol put me on the trial but not the right arm so I took the advice from the royal marsden and went on carbo gemzar had my first lot on the 29th august then on the 5 th September had gemzar on its own 2 week break lovely but on Tuesday a few hours after treatment started sicking then Friday stopped but yesterday couldn't hold nothing down temperature 38.6 so I'm in hospital on antibiotics and a drip as anyone else experienced this I've lost so much weight I look like a skeleton I'm not as strong as I once was I'm very weak which is not me hope you are all fine xxx

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Hi Rosanne- hang in there my dear. Sending you lots of love and hope that you bounce back and start to feel better soon. ♥️🌈🌺

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Hi Rosanne wishing y all the best, stay positive. I am on gym/carbo/avastian combinations, . So far all ok, but the nutrifil levels have dropped twice but that is to be expected. Best wishes.

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