Register for Patient Day

Register for Patient Day

We would urge everyone who is planning on attending this free event but may not have yet registered to please do so by today or tomorrow by visiting

If you have registered but are now UNABLE to attend can you please inform us as soon as possible.

The imperial Hotel doesn't have onsite parking - however there are many car parking facilities located around Cork City centre such as City Hall and Merchants Quay (probably the closest). There is also a Park and Ride facility (e.g. Black Ash) and the bus stops off at the top of South Mall which is only a few minutes away from the Hotel. Q Park City Hall has a day rate of €11.

Also there will be a citizens advice stand at the meeting so if you have any forms etc that you are having difficulty with please bring them along.

3 Replies

  • I am sorry I will not be able to attend the Patients Day but I hope to be well enough to attend the Dublin Patients Day later this year. So far 2017 has not been good to me health wise but I will come out the winner. Kittie

  • So sorry to hear that. How are you doing?

  • Not to bad my chemo is two cycles behind due to hospital stays in Jan and Feb all due to port infections which I had removed nearly four weeks ago. I was due to get my new port today but due to low platelets surgery was cancelled. I am due chemo over four days next week and only have one vein in my arm so dreading it .Just feeling a bit sorry for myself. Kittie

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