ovarian peritoneal cancer

hi I'm new to this site and I would really love information .

my mom waa diagnosed with peritoneal ovarian cancer omentum she already started her 3 Chemo had a surgery which doctors call it debulking , removed the omentum fallopian tubed and said that there was a few cancer cells very tiny and not able to remove .

it's been 2 month after her surgery but her stomach is still big, if she eats it gets big and if she doesn't it still big , it'd very confusing why , after the surgery she was supposed to get better but she's still in pain .

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Hi, I had oc stage 3c last year. Debulking surgery lasted 10 hours, cancer cells spreaded in all my organs. It's a long and hard journey. Two months after surgery it's a short time. I had my surgery 13th of March last year and I still can feel pain in my stomach. If you want to find out more you are more than welcome to read my story, my full journey through the cancer. hairlessbeauty.ie/2016/03/1...

Best wishes to you and your mum, Zaneta xx


Just read your journey, you are so brave and Hope you are doing well.

You are younger than me but Ihave a 2 year old grandson and I was devastated at the thought of not seeing him grow, so I know a little of how you may feel, but Im sad you can't have any more children.

My family rely on me so much and I fight to be here for them,we all have our different journeys, but all of them are hard and all of them are worth fighting for.

I had my surgery September 2014 and so far I am ok, but I have a routine scan in October and am terrified they might find something.

In the meantime I will enjoy life to the full and I hope you do too,

Best wishes,

Carole xxx

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