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Health anxiety- petrified I have OC

Hi I've just come across this whilst searching through the Internet as I always do worrying about my symptoms.

I had my nexplanon implant renewed at the end of May. Since then I have had 2 occasions of bleeding after sex (only slightly). I was spotting around the time and had spotting for about a week after. The spotting began after the first intercourse. I've never bled after sex before. My last smear was March last year and all normal. All other smears have also been normal. In addition to this I've had pain in my lower abdo and in particular in my ovaries. Also have lower back pain on and off more of an ache. As well as little pain in legs. I've also experienced for a while an increase in urination. This is something I think has occurred over the last couple of years but recently I seem to be urinatig more and have a strong urgency to go (although I must admit I do hold it in sometimes). I haven't bled since and have avoided sex as I am so scared. I pass wind a lot too? I am so so scared I have cancer. I had a pelvic ultrasound six months ago and it was normal although there was cysts on my ovaries and borderline PCOS. Not treated for this. I've never had any of these problems from previous contraceptive implants I've had so I was thinking it can't be that. I also had a recent internal due to my issues and they found some nabothian cysts on my cervix. I just want some answers. I don't currently have any pain in my tummy it's just on and off. And back ache is on and off. I have been drinking more fluids so I thought maybe that is a reason for more urination. Not had constipation/ diarrhoea, but have been going more often but put that down to me drinking more? Please help?? Xxx

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HI there, I would suggest you go back to your gp and express all these concerns to him. Ask for a referral back to a gynae consultant and take it from there. Wishing you well and hope it gets sorted


Thanks Suzuki I will. I spoke to them on Thursday and he reassured me he didn't think it was anything to worry about. But since this I've had back ache and urinating more. I know anxiety can make you urinate and like I said I have increased my fluids. I just feel I can't wait any longer I feel I need to know now. I will ring my GP and maybe ovacare tomorrow and get some advice it's absolutely ruining my life all this worrying and I have two young girls X my mum died of cancer and I'm convinced the same will happen to me X

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I'm 32 years old and had normal smears X

Do you think the fact I had a pelvic scan which was normal 6 months ago is reassuring? I'm sorry to bombard you with questions xx


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