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Coffee mornings

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Do any of you attend coffee mornings or gatherings in the London or Kent area?

I went to a Target Ovarian Cancer day March 2015, but nothing since and it would be nice to meet up with some of the ladies who have been posting as they do in Ireland.

Carole xx

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Hi Carole, maybe Ovacome may organise similar events in London. It is certainly an idea and it is great to meet up and chat and exchange stories and have a few laughs along the way. I know Womb Cancer Support do have meet ups but mostly around the Bermingham area and perhaps once a year. I would suggest you contact your Macmillan nurse and make this suggestion and hopefully something good would come out of it. Ovacare funds the coffee mornings and Patient Information Days here. Maybe its worth contact ing Ovacome to see if it is feasible. I hope you get some positive answers and that you may find women with OC in your area.

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Caroles1 in reply to suzuki

Thanks Suzuki,

You are so good at replying and giving good advice,inspirational

Best Wishes cxx

Ovacome have a Members' Day coming up very soon.... I think early March. Have a look on their website for more info. Also worth having a look at Maggie's centres throughout the UK as lots happening at these. Target also have a list of smaller support groups in all areas...

Best wishes, Sx

Thanks S,

I will definately look into that,hope you are well,

Carole xx

Don't know if you are near Maidstone but there is gosh group that meet once a month for talks outings guest speakers and of course coffee. Very friendly and supportive can pm you details if you are interested.

Thanks knoxie42,

I'm not far,Orpington, would like the details.I am going to some nutrition and excercise and coping skills, but it is only for 6 weeks and it would be nice to have some on going meetings,


Carole xx

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knoxie in reply to Caroles1

Hi Carole so sorry about the lack of info, my little beast is back and husband going through chemo for a stem cell transplant next week but I will dig out the info for you. It is one of my cns nurses that runs the group and I will be having a lot more contact with her soon😳 I haven't been for a while but it's worth a try my onc and my surgeon both gave talks and answered questions it was very worth while xxxxAnn

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Hope you are getting the little beast under control, you are going through it at the moment,never apologise, we all have different issues, I just wish you well and let us know how you get on xxx

For anyone looking for a local group, quite a few are now listed here...

Thanks Sunfluery,

Your help and advice is always appreciated, hope you are well,

Carole xx

Thanks Carole, I'm good thanks. Very best wishes to you, Sx

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