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Thanks so much to Sharon and organizers of the coffee morning today. I really enjoyed meeting such a lovely bunch of women, all positive and with a great sense of humor, black or otherwise. Looking forward to the next patient day. If I can help out in any way, please let me know 😀

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  • Hi Mary,

    I wanted to make the coffee morning but was let down by my traveling companion, but never mind. I do hope to make the patient day in Galway and look forward to meeting everyone.

    Congratulations on all you raised for cancer research.

    Ann Nora

  • Thanks again Sharon, has been lovely meeting you all and I'll try to get in Galway too.

  • Hi Mary. I agree, it was a great morning and so good to catch up with old faces(not literally!) and new faces. Massive thank you to Sharon!


  • You got there before me Mary with your thank you post ! It was so great to meet old and new friends . I am so glad I made the journey. I left there with renewed hope and energy and all that from the positive energy in the room. These coffee mornings and patient days are such an important part of our lives and thanks to Sharon for putting so much of her time into it.

    I did miss Kittie and D and Suzuki so I hope we meet at the next patient day. Julie my fellow county woman you looked great on the Ray Darcy show last night ! As you were starring in that front row seat I thought he was going to interview you ! Can you pm me sometime so we can continue our discussion. I'm not sure what your name is on the website . Take care


  • Hey Molly!

    Sorry I didn't make it today I am back studying and yesterday I spent the day studying the Human Digestive I was reading about the links between processed red meat and cancer so it was an intense study weekend but I am really enjoying the course!

    I am hoping to be in Galway for the patient day though so maybe see you then?

    Hope you are all feeling Well!

    How are you doing @juliet55-Ireland ?


  • Hi Dee

    I was wondering where you were on Saturday! Glad to hear you're putting your time to us with studying not gallavanting around the countryside enjoying yourself!!!

    2nd dose of Cisplatin last Friday - it's not an easy chemo but he's hoping it will put me into remission (Olaparib failed). If it does, it give me more options in relation to maintenance drugs - so fingers X'd

    I would have gone to patient day in Galway in November, but I will be in the Canaries that week.

    I hope you're well D!


  • Sorry I didnt make it, had been up and down to Dublin three times in past ten days and I took a rest. I am delighted that you all enjoyed the morning. It is a vital part of our lives to connect with other ladies as we cannot do this in a Clinical setting. I probably wont make Galway either as have something on in Kilkenny, the PPI Meeting a few days later. Thank you to Sharon and others who look after us and make our lives much brighter

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