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Hello all

The next Coffee Morning is posted on the Ovacare Website - it's on May 6th . Don't forget to register!

I hope to see you there!


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  • Hey Juliet!

    I am sorry to say I won't be able to make this one, my nephew is making his communion that day and it's in at 11 too! I am dissapointed as I love the coffee mornings!

    I hope you are getting through your Chemo ok and hopefully I will see you at the next coffee morning/patient day.

    Mind yourself!


  • Hi D

    That's s pity- but enjoy the Communion - I think the weather is to be ok?

    Yes, hopefully we'll meet at next Ovacare event!


  • Hi Juliet

    I hope I can go but I'm not sure where I will be on that date. It may well be in Dublin. My lovely brother who has been such a huge support to me over the past 6years is facing bypass surgery in the near future. We are trying to have his operation moved to Dublin. The cardio for his own reasons referred him to Cork which location wise is totally unsuitable. The worry is making me feel quite ill as I try to push my own stuff to the back of the queue. My next appt is a scan on 29jun which seems very far away and with lymph nodes still swollen despite last years Carbo only , I'm not sure I can wait that long.

    Sorry for being so longwinded Juliet. I do hope all is going well for you. I hope you have a lovely Easter. Take care


  • Hi Molly. I'm in bed at the moment with pulled muscle - I'll you a private message tomorrow. Try not to worry about your brother - hopefully he's in good hands.


  • Hi Juliet,sorry to hear you've pulled muscles rest up and I hope things improve for you in a day or so. I have registered for the Dublin Coffee Morning as I can delay taking my Neulasta jab for a few hours. Hopefully now the buses are back it will stay that way. Kittie

  • Thanks Kittie! No chemo today as neutraphils are at 0.5- hopefully next week they will have risen. It's always worrying when this happens isn't it?


  • Hi Juliet 55 sorry about the white cells doing a runner, have you got the neulast injections, maybe your team might consider those, In the meantime have plenty of rest, greens and liver, as there is zinc in liver.

  • Hi Suzuki

    I was surprised that Neulasta wasn't suggested on Thursday - my oncologist wasn't there and I didn't think to suggest it at the time. It's the usual solution .............

    I am taking in really easy, just getting over chest infection and eating greens and fish ( I can't take liver at all!)

    I hope you're doing well


  • Hi Juliet, just got locked out of site for no reason so logged in again, I am undergoing tests, no conclusions. My gp isnt happy that I havent had ct scan for almost a year but had clinical assessment a few weeks back, Had reflux so sent for scope that is clear but gp is not happy with liver levels, My onc team says they are not hugely high and have dismissed his fears. Next stop gp wants to do ultrasound on liver. He does like to keep a pensioner busy

  • and so we go on..........

    Have a lovely Easter!

  • Hi Juliet, it sucks when chemo is cancelled I am 6 weeks behind at this stage but what the heck, my platelets to play up with port insertion cancelled twice but chemo delays by one week 2nd time round they went to over 400. I have to get my dreaded Neulasta injection this morning I see the glint in my husband Gerry eye when he gives it to me I think he enjoys inflicting pain on me ( only joking) .Rest up over Easter but take some time out for Chocolate. Kittie

  • I've tried to find the link but can't please help! Xx

  • Found it now lol x

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