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International Report on Cancer Care

An interesting article in Irish Times today, Mon 25//5/15, (Martin Wall) on a report to Government on the above and some items that we always raised were included: "the current default position ....whereby cancer patients with issues re-enter treatment through emergency departments is unacceptable"; "the use of agency nurses in inpatient hospital units should be phased out"; the creation of "comprehensive multidisciplinary oncology teams" etc. it also recommends that the NCCP continue to oversee the Irish cancer system & lots more.

so we were not being cranky when we wanted those items.

Try and access the Irish Times website and read the article, it is worth it.

Regards to all,


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I agree with you Daisies it is not acceptable and it will continue as long as we accept that behaviour from the Minister and his hospitals. Well better read health section tomorrow in the same paper, they have given some space to this forgotten disease. Hope you are enjoying the nice weather. My project at the moment is a tidy bedroom so an hour a day will help keep the dust at bay. I just dont know where I get stuff and why I get it ? Definitely a hoarder


I have left a comment and shared it on facebook. It would seem that the Hse are trying to recruit staff here in Cork without any great result according to the paper tonight. I might actually email Kathleen Lynch our Junior Minister tomorrow.


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