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getting better

Hi ladies. Just wanted to update you all on my new 'chemo'/avastin free life. I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made and do accept it is one that not many of you will make. The severe headaches are easing and no longer wake up in the middle of the night requiring a pain killer; my appetite has returned and I can eat my lunch/dinner every day. Looking up new recipes again and even trying them out. Will see my Onc towards the end of June & we'll see what will happen then.

Had my week in Spain and have booked a short break in Milan (for La Scala) at beginning of June. Suddenly, I don't need to check what days I am in for treatment - brilliant.

Am feeling good, or should I say - am feeling fantastic.

Regards & Hugs to all.

Maureen xx

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Hi Daisies . Its great to hear that you are now feeling so well, I know it was a very hard decision for you to make. It seems the week in the sun has also done you good and now you have Milan to look forward to. I hope you can make the Coffee Morniing on the 16th. Take care . Kittie


Hello Kittie - yes, hoping to go to the coffee morning. Hoping of course that no one has a problem with me attending, now that I am not on treatment.

I do hope you can make it, so that we will finally meet.

regards as always, Maureen


HI Daisies, I am glad you are feeling a lot better, you made the decision that you felt was right for you. The fact that your appetite is back is a plus and the headaches gone. I am just lucky so far that Avastin suited me better to an extent. We are all different and react differently to the drugs. I am looking forward to seeing you next Saturday and I hope you will come, why not? I am sure everyone is looking forward to a good banter. I am glad you enjoyed Sunny Spain, So you have plans for June, Milan sounds lovely and you will enjoy the music too. I have just a week left at work. i am glad I made it to this point. I intend to leave very quietly next week no fuss, See you soon Joan


Hi daisies. Great to hear such a positive post from you! Delighted you had a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you next Saturday! Sara


Hi Daisies,so glad you are feeling better and that your pain has eased.The sunshine makes everything seem manageable.You are a strong lady.Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.You might bring a few recipes with you ;-) xxx


Wow Daisies . I can hear the happiness in your post . Enjoy every day and it is so important to have a few little treats lined up . Hope 2 meet up on Saturday .


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