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Nosey trouble

Just back from apt with the ent consultant. My bloods tested negative for the obscure illnesses she had in mind. The ulcer is improving so have to finish off cream, continue with Neil Med and dump the spray at this stage. There is a little perforation but she is happy cream is doing the job. So got a discharge from her. She agrees this hoarsey voice and sinus is down to Avastin making my bad sinuses worse. So happy with that. I had read up the side effects from the manufacturer Roche and their side effects reflected mine. Obviously the ent has consulted with the oncology team. So bad news is that ye all have to put up with my husky voice haha

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Hi Suzuki. Glad to hear blood tests were clear and that the ulcer is healing. Its so important that we follow these things up. When we are immunocompromised - the risk of small things escalating into bigger issues is higher. Hopefully you will be able to manage your ENT issues going forward and you have a consultant to go back to who is aware of your history if any further issues arise. X


Thank you and I am glad you are back home and so are your little people. Well in fairness my gp was on the ball although I wasnt too impressed going to another clinic. I feel I have worn out shoes in the South down through the years. And that is not a bad complaint to have. Yes the consultant was happy enough that this thingy is healing. Please dont laugh because I was putting the cream mostly on the good side and a tiny bit on the bad side haha. I got confused because the consultants idea of right as in looking at me was my idea of left but of course I didnt admit anything. I will be back for ct scan in April and see onc when he comes back from his hols at the end of that month.


Hi Suzuki,

Good news, that hoarse voice has become part of you!



Yes that describes it best, but never going to be Nina Simone sadly haha


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