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Immature Teratoma

Hello all, just signed up to this site. I am under 30 and diagnosed with a very rare germ cell tumour 4 weeks ago.

Thing is, its very rare and my concern is that I don't get the right treatment. Did have surgery 3 weeks ago and recovered well and only microcells are left in my body so chemo is recommended. Chances of recovery sound good but not fully convinced. Will get Chemo plan next week

My question therefore is, is someone on this side with the same diagnosis or does someone know anyone with the same diagnosis. Any tips and info's are much appreciated.

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Hi Kate, I am clear cell as far as I know so cant really be of any great help to you as regards information. I had treatment after surgery to prevent recurrence but this did not work for me, it came back. So in spite of this, I would advise you to go along with whatever treatment plan is offered to you, ask questions re side effects etc. Germ cell is the rarer form of OC that is all I know, Get your plan and come back to us and we will offer you support and tips on side effects of whatever is prescribed if we can. Wishing you the best


Thanks for the reply. My gyn was telling me that the chemo will start soon but I also read that the egg freezing process (which they told me I should consider and I definitely would) could take 2-3 Months so I am torn between that. Did you freeze egg? Well I let you know ones I know the plan this Thursday


hi katie my name is amy from galway ireland i was diagnoised 2half years ago i have rare diagnoises also maliginanated germ cell teratoma cancer.i went through the whole treatment nearly died in december 2014.you need too speak too people in the alternative treatment area and wholistic approach too help you hope this helps x


Hello Amy,

thanks for your message, I am fine now but have to have a new surgery because I got a rare side affect called Growing teratoma syndrome, have you heard about this before? I do acupuncture too. What else would you suggest to keep up the health in alternative treatment?



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