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New blood test could help doctors pick the best treatment for ovarian cancer

Picking the right treatment can be difficult. Blood vessel-targeting drugs like bevacizumab, for example, are not beneficial to every patient. But, a new blood test can help doctors and patients decide.

"We will now look to further explore the potential of using a blood test to personalise treatment for ovarian cancer patients. Moving towards a more individualised treatment plan specific for each patient and their particular tumour is key to improving outcomes for patients while sparing those unlikely to benefit from potential side effects of therapy." Caroline Dive

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This would seem to be a fantastic advance in ovarian cancer research. As someone who is on able to cope with bevacizumab (Avastni-heading for 20 months now), it has suited me, with a few minor little problems, which were all treatable. But it would seem that this drug type is more suited to those with clear cell OC, which has recurred again but staying on avastin & usual chemo drugs.

However, I am aware of a number of other women with OC who did not respond to bevacizumab drugs, but as there was no test to check their suitability in advance - they had to suffer dreadful side effects first. However, living in Ireland & not sure if this treatment is study/trial is available here, but will pass it on to my oncologist. he is very open to patients comments & active input/interest in their treatments.



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