Bad hair day

Today I decided to give myself a lift and put a colour in my hair which is only about 1inch long, it is growing back a salt and pepper colour and as I was only about 1% grey before I lost it I decided I would return to my mid brown colour, what a disaster I am now brown with light grey and dark grey high lights. Thank God it will wash out over the next few days and I will return to my salt and pepper colour at least it gave me a laugh when I looked at myself in the mirror. I think the moral to this story is in future leave it to the experts. I hope everyone are keeping well.

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  • Oh dear! Have you looked at yourself and seen how really fab you look with short pepper and salt hair? I was stunned to meet a colleague without her wig - short grey hair instead of her wig which was similar to her hair before - she looked absolutely great. I had the reverse experience to you and lost most of my grey when it grew back initially, but now it's falling out again, I can see there's a lot of grey grown back.

    Have another look - I bet the new look's good!

  • Hi Mac27,I am quiet happy with my salt and pepper hair but you know us women we are never happy one thing I learned is if I ever need a good laugh I will try and give my hair a home colour again.Hears to many more years to my new salt and pepper look I will leave the hair dyes alone unless I need a good laugh.

  • Hi Mac27 did you use one of the herbal dyes as in from Heres Health. I have used them and found them useless and expensive, and they wash out fast. I did have a supply one stage of Loving Care wash out colour and that was better for me. I have been in contact with a wig supplier/hairdresser here in Cork and she uses amonia and peroxide free colours and does a trim for clients before and during chemo so might go and talk to her when I need to. Am told hair may thin with Gemzar which I have just started with Avastin. I do have my wig from 2010 under some clothes which I wont attack to tidy up prob just dont want to go there. It is fairly new because I only needed it at end of treatment last time around. I was also able to access coloured mousse from a hair salon supplier which covered the grey but came out on the pillow case. Somebody else told me try Fancifull which you can get in a chemist. Glad to know all is good with you all apart from our vanity. But we are worth it,

  • Hi Kittie. Good luck with your hair. I asked a question about cutting and colouring earlier thus year and had some great responses and advice if you'd like to take a look at it. Personally, I felt wonderful once I had it coloured. Just felt it made a big difference to my self image. Suzuki - hope all is going well on the Gemzar and Avastin am on Avastin too - maintenance dose every 3 weeks. Hugs to you all ((( )))

  • I would advise to leave it to the experts its only baby hair at moment how long are you finished now I noticed at 6 months mark had hair but awful colour it really took a good year to get it back but then after that the time flys in. I am now over 2 years out and it is as if I never lost my hair blonde again back to peter marks and feeling normal. You will get there. The waiting is hard but looking back its amazing how quick it goes in at the same time.

  • Kittie, had to grin when I read about your 'hair colour' experience. Having lost my hair twice, and both times it has grown back - I really didn't care what colour it was. Started growing as silver and then went dark grey, and have got so used to it, I decided not to put a colour in it this time round. And you do know something, I lOVE IT NOW. A bit of the old saying of ' what ever floats your boat'. But if you want to colour, go for it.

  • Hi All, Well for now my hair is going to stay grey(when the so called colour washes out) and Im going to leave it and see what it looks like in a few months time, at least when I look at myself Im reminded that I won round 1 against this ugly beast. God willing their will be no more rounds but if their are I will win those as well. To hear me talk you would think I had a beautiful head of hair before I lost it not very fine short hair a .well a woman can always dream.

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