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Ovary Pain? Any ideas?

Have suffered badly with periods and pain since I had my daughter 3 years ago. Have the implant nexplanon and it was awesome for over 10 months. For the last 16 weeks I have bled non-stop very heavily with no clotting, went to docs, had bloods done, they were fine, clotting screen came back normal, was put on the pill for 9 weeks and it was awful, was flooding twice a day, pain was out of this world but I carried on. so went to docs last Monday, Wednesday had a call from the hospital, they want me in this Thursday to see the gynae however, am still in pain daily but the bleeding has stopped. Any ideas? I have 3 children so have no trouble fertility-wise but the pain and bleeding is getting worse and no amount of birth control works anymore yet I need it because I don't want any more children. Pain is a 9 on a 1-10 scale, I have daily low back pain, twisting ovaries and tender abdomen and pelvic pain, feel like someone has hacked away at me in there. I really don't want the coil because I also have my cervical ectropian back after having cryotherapy 2 years ago. Im seeing the gynae on Thursday but I have no idea what to ask or how to explain how bad things are, please give me some ideas thank you x

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Hi Kitty1983 Im sorry you are having such a hard time as for having no idea what to say or ask the gynae on Thursday if you tell him or her everything you wrote here you cant go wrong. I myself find if I write everything down it helps keep a notepad close at hand and write down things as you think of them and bring it with you on Thursday.You can also go on to the english web site at ovacome.org.uk. Good Luck on Thursday. Regards Kittie.


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