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Hi, I'm new to this site I will try to be brief, 19 years ago I was diagnosed with scc I had the operation clear margins so I didn't need any more treatment, have had problems like everyone but learnt to live with it. Three years ago very suddenly I lost my husband, then 7 weeks later I was diagnosed with breast cancer had a mastectomy, chemo and R T it all went by in a haze, then a year later I found out I have the faulty Brca 2 gene 4 out of 7 of my siblings have the gene, for pele who don't know about this gene it means women are at higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer and men prostate and breast cancer. I couldn't do any thing about the gene but I could have preventive surgery to cut down the risk so I decided to have mastectomy on the other side I was due to have my operation October 2011. I went to my gp in the September as I had been sick with food sticking so he decided to send me for a endoscopy, then on the Friday 7oct I had a appointment to see a consultant who told me I had scc again I just could not believe it after all that time he told me I was very unlucky. I could not have the operation so they started chemo radio therapy, after 3chemo they had to stop as I was so ill with it all they admitted me to hospital to finish the RT it was really hard this time I was sick 24/7 they said it was because my stomach being up in the chest of the operation. Thankfully 8 months on and getting a bit better all the time.

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Dear Joseph

You have had a torrid time of it all, and you have our sympathy. I do know of somebody else who had a recurrence of squamous cell carcinoma many years after the first bout and surgery, and they are also doing well, but the treatment was very demanding and they nearly gave up. But fortunately they persisted and are now all clear again, so you are not alone, and it is indeed worth keeping as positive as you can.

All best wishes



Well done you. You have been through so much but still seem to have a positive outlook on life. It is always good to hear how others are coping with this awful disease, and I really admire you taking the time to tell us that things can and do get better.

Keep getting better, and I wish you all the luck in the world

Best wishes

Edwina xx


Hi Joseph

You have had a tough time with everything you have been through. I'm glad to hear that after 8 months things are getting better. Keep your chin up.

Kind Regards



Thanks for writing and letting us know everything you have been so bravely through, makes me feel very humble and a right moaner.


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